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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the closet

No..no I am not talking about myself. But a few nights ago I believe I heard someone crying in the dark. No, it was not me, as I usually do my crying silently within.

In between the sobs I could hear a muffled speech. Yes, I was eaves dropping for I wanted to know what went wrong. I believe I knew what was it all about, I could gather the clues even by listening to the faintest conversation exchanged.

It was the maid. Perhaps she has had a tough time talking to her beau. I could judge from the very short intervals between the sobs, she was dealing with something so intense, perhaps something that bruised her tender heart.

I figured she wanted to scream and shout just to state her point, but what could she do, she definite did not want to make a scene. But I know where she was that night. The usual spot for crying her heart out. In the closet of her room.

Breaking up is never easy for women. I do not know about guys, perhaps they do not get hurt that much. For they have their pride and ego to shield the pain. Well, I might be wrong. I should have not generalize things like that, though have spoken to men who were devastated due to failed relationships, still in general they did not succumb themselves to sadness.

The things we do to face break ups. What did I do? Yes, I cried on the phone, in the shower, in my sleep. In fact had no strength to even look at his picture. It was more hurting when the other party gave you the silent treatment. I have always wondered how two people who had been in love opted not to talk to each other. So no more friends because the spark has died out?

I told my maid to move on. Just do not expect too much from the guy. If an attempt was made to start a casual conversation but was turned down unceremoniously, then heck it. He ain't worth it. Perhaps he had a valid reason for keeping mum, but I believe it is very impolite to simply ignore someone who has been apart of you, no matter how much pain you are enduring.

I wonder why some people are simply not forgiving. You demand explanation from others, but then you fail to give others the chance to be heard. I explained to the maid that this was just part and parcel of being in love. Love is bitter sweet. It feels like you are being ramped by a bus and then later ran down by a cho cho train. Still, you make yourself susceptible to it. Why? Because love makes you high, worst than what opium can do to you.

Well, that was what I told my maid. Frankly, I do not know how I would have reacted if it was my daughter who was crying in the darkness of the closet. Would I tell her to ignore the pain because love makes you a true woman? Perhaps I will have a different set of explanation for her. Maybe I should share with her the tale of my heartaches. Nah, mine is pretty tragic.

This is not my story, I did not do my crying in the closet. But as for the rest shared above, I could only wish it was not mine.


mamasita said...

Hai Ida dear..please excuse me for asking..your hubby is giving you the silent treatment or are you just giving a general statement?

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Datin,

Ni general statement, ma'am. Me and hubby OK je..alhamdulillah..:-)