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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Someone's Sleeping in My Bed

I had to work late the other day, went home at half past 3 am. I hate to drive alone deep into the night. My mind was plagued by all sorts of dreadful and eerie images of the unknown. I simply detest watching horror movies, the scary images seem to stick to my mind, and they keep on bugging me. Sometimes I thought I could hear voices. There were times when I felt someone's watching me. Fiddlesticks, I know.

Ascending the floors was a lonely ride, I leaned my body against the furthest end of the elevator, hoping to feel secured. I prayed hard for an uninterrupted climb, for I was not ready to face whatever or whoever looking straight at me if the doors suddenly open.

"Just take me to the 5th floor," I pleaded. I just needed to go home- to kiss my loved ones belated 'good night', rest my weary head on my favourite pillow and tuck myself under the warmth of my duvet. It is good to be surrounded by things so familiar to you.

As I pushed the door open, total darkness greeted upon me. I did not attempt to switch on the lights for I did not want to humiliate myself, "this is MY home, I am familiar with every nook and cranny here", said my alter ego.

I saw a glimmer of light at the end of the corridor, all of the rooms were pitch dark but one, the kids were already in bed, the faint light came from my room, the door was left ajar. It was rather unusual really, for normally the kids would sleep with their bed lights on. I also wondered why the door was not wide open like usual.

I was very much disturbed by the change of the circumstances. Now the familiarity of my home was somehow, stirred. Thus, I dashed straight to the lighted room.

I pushed the door effortlessly, scanned through the room till my eyes reached the bed. I gasped.

There she was sleeping in my bed.

My eyes traced the silhouette of the figure in slumber, cradled by the warmth of my bed. Her youthful cheek was resting on my favourite pillow. Her cherry lips were smiling, perhaps she was dreaming the sweetest dream of all.

I braved myself to get close to her. I could smell the sweet scent of my perfume. Simply intoxicating. Her skin...simply flawless, obviously not beaten by years yet. Her glorious mane tossed brilliant shine to the ambiance, a far cry from the limpy, bleached mop I have been carrying on my head for years.

Her youthful figure...I was like this a decade ago. I could imagine how she would strut her feminity proudly, because I did that too. No doubt men would adore sweet young things especially like this one. Many, including this one who was sleeping next to her now.

How could they. Not on my bed. At least, respect my space. This is MINE.

I tip-toed closer. I was ready to pounce on them. I drew my lips close to her cheek. Tears streaming down my cheeks. It was simply heart breaking.

"I am sorry to have kept you waiting, sayang...", I kissed her flawless cheek.

She is only going to be 10 this year, but she's already blossoming into a young woman. She is a keen observer of my every move. Sometimes she tries on my clothes and shoes. She enjoys painting her face with my make up. She loves my perfumes too.

I did not want to wake her up, neither did I want to wake the young men sleeping next to her.

I was home late, the kids have conquered my bed. Sarah, Adam and Ben...all three of them tucked under the warmth of my duvet.

Now where were the other two? Hubby and Didi, the youngest in the gang?

There they were, sleeping on the 'Toto', at the foot of the bed. I joined them of course. The pillows were all taken. I did not mind. I am content with having my head rested on the firm arm of my man.

This is home for me.