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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trip to Kyoto

My dream came true when I set foot in Kyoto. I have read about this ancient Japanese city, heard stories about the marvel of its temples and saw magnificient pictures of it (geisha, the tea houses and all). My only regret is that I did not shop much for the o miyage (souveniers) as I thought I could buy them at a lower price in Tokyo...and I can still visualise the framed Japanese fans that I decided not to buy...alamak menyesal la...

Oh yes, I went to Kyoto with my foster Mom (hehehe) Saitomi Murakami, who was kind enough to entertain my thirst of taking pictures at almost every corner in Kyoto..hahahhaha. We took the express train from Tarui Station in Yoro, near Ogaki City. God, I am so greatful to Saitomi san and her hubby Iwao-san for their generosity during my stay at their place.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Selipar Jepun

Best ke Japan ni? Ontah lah, bisok I tau la..but one thing for sure, I hope my foster family there would try their best to bare with my atrocious Japanese. I hope they would also tolerate my poor handling of the chopsticks...I also hope to try the onsen even though I have to be butt naked to do that..we live on once..what the heck!

One thing for sure, I am gonna miss my kids and hubby terribly..uhuk.uhuk..but what to do, I need some time on my own too..I am so lucky that my darling hubby understands..cayang kat dia woh..

If I could get hold of the Net, I'll give updates of my stay there..things are not cheap in Japan oii..I shall miss all of u who have been taking your time visiting my blog..take care..and God bless..Sayonara ...Luv, Ida

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bills Bills Bills

Wonder why no Internet at home? Sigh, well sad to say that the phone bill has reached near RM1500, and we are just not paying it. This is because none of us actually made the call. My maid is the culprit. Out of love (I suppose), she made long distance calls to her hometown in Sabah to her boyfriend. Now she is burdened with bills to pay, but her salary only permits her to settle the bill by installment.

I really pity her, the things that a person would do in the name of love..to reflect, I used to be silly too..perhaps love or infactuation is intoxicating. I wonder what motivates people to get into trouble when they are being struck by Cupid's arrow. I wish I could help her pay the bills as she has been a good helper to me, but I have to teach her a good lesson.

Yesterday was pay day for her, I did not expect to receive any payments for the bill as she needs the money to take home for Christmas. But she gave me RM50 instead, for the bill, pity her. I wish I could tell her, it is not worth the sacrifice for a guy who remains silent when asked to chip in paying the debt. Poor girl. I really hope she has learnt her lesson well.

As for me, yeah..life is kinda boring without the Net...well, will keep myself busy, though..I have the kids all over me!