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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bills Bills Bills

Wonder why no Internet at home? Sigh, well sad to say that the phone bill has reached near RM1500, and we are just not paying it. This is because none of us actually made the call. My maid is the culprit. Out of love (I suppose), she made long distance calls to her hometown in Sabah to her boyfriend. Now she is burdened with bills to pay, but her salary only permits her to settle the bill by installment.

I really pity her, the things that a person would do in the name of love..to reflect, I used to be silly too..perhaps love or infactuation is intoxicating. I wonder what motivates people to get into trouble when they are being struck by Cupid's arrow. I wish I could help her pay the bills as she has been a good helper to me, but I have to teach her a good lesson.

Yesterday was pay day for her, I did not expect to receive any payments for the bill as she needs the money to take home for Christmas. But she gave me RM50 instead, for the bill, pity her. I wish I could tell her, it is not worth the sacrifice for a guy who remains silent when asked to chip in paying the debt. Poor girl. I really hope she has learnt her lesson well.

As for me, yeah..life is kinda boring without the Net...well, will keep myself busy, though..I have the kids all over me!


Mimi said...

OMG RM1.5k for phone bill..crazy in love la tu..
Ia, u're tagged..check my blog yeah...jgn tak jawab tau..hihi

Lyana Mauseth said...

walla..ida, we were deeply in love too b4 but never lost our heads to phone bills haha...i think u shud ask her to pay, bit by bit is ok as long as she pays...takut nanti dia ingat it is ok, ida x marah...next time buat lagi...wooo lagi sengsara u nanti...i jd stone fire ke ni? haha jahat sgh i ni...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

yeah memang i remind her few times aweek to clear the bill. I believe she feels bad about it too..So slowly but surely, she is paying the debt

Kak Teh said...

Ida, that's a lot of money for a phone bill. Yes, been there done that too - all in the name of love. Susah sungguh nak letak telefon.
Any, enjoy the children. WE'll still be here when you come back.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Kak Teh..

The things we did to prove our love..will write something on this..ingat masa memuda dulu..takut pulak if my kids terikut perangai i...touch wood..

Desert Rose said...


Sruh dia pakai HP la baguih... bajet, sebulan RM50 ja limit beli top up. Bley sms apa bagai. Betterstill sruh bofren dia la top up kalau nak lebey. Kalau tak mo, suruh dia pikir worth it ka dia berkorban segalanya kan.

my maid pun tak dak keja lain, sket2 nak kirim beli pulsa (top up dlm bahasa Indon ha ha ha tah mana datangnya)Maid u bujang ye? Takpa gak crazy in lap, mine ni janda, dah dekat nak menopause still nak berchenta ngan Mas Jokonya yg keja wat rumah kat Ipoh ****sigh****