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Monday, November 24, 2008

For Sarah and Lydia

I look at you everyday and think how much you have grown. I still see you as little babies sometimes, but I know soon I have to swallow the reality that you are going to be like me. In your eyes, I could see my hopes for the future. I have unresolved conflicts within me that I will not try to burden them on your little shoulders.

I have stumbled upon so many bumps on my journey to where I am now. I know yours would not be a smooth one too, as you will learn life's valuable lessons through pains and tears, these make you stronger.

As a mother, I have my flaws, I cannot deny that, but God knows I am trying my very best. I do not have much wealth of which you could inherit, but I have abundant of love for me to shower on you, anytime, any where.

Dear daughters, through my journey, I have learnt so many things. I wish to share them with you:

1. Do not let anyone to tell you that you cannot do it. Who the Hell are these goons to decide on what you ought do in your life.

2. Be honest with the contents of your heart. Well, there will be people who will have a problem with that, but ignore them. They do not deserve your friendship.

3. Money is vital for happiness. You cannot live on love and air. Many disputes in marriage rooted from money problem. So spend wisely..and marry well (if you know what I mean!)

4. A good husband is a man who treats his mother and sisters respectfully. Your bapak is a good example, only that he is in his nasty mood because I provoked him!

5. Keep yourself clean, inside out.

6. Do not tell a man what he should do. Make things sound like suggestions, tell him that 'it is all up to his wisdom' to decide. So if things screw up he won't blame you..hehheheh.

7. There are no ugly women, only lazy ones! Make an effort to look good even though you are at home.

8. Sex in marriage is not everything. Studies show that married couples tend to stray due to communication breakdown. Make an effort to communicate, be a good listener, do not give advice if he does not ask you to.

9. Unlike orgasm, labour during child birth is real , you can't fake it. So do not have fear. All must experience it in order taste the sweetness of motherhood.

10. Love me as I am your mummy, but do not be afraid to tell me that I am wrong as I am only human.

But most importantly, LOVE yourself and those who love you! Good luck girls!


Lyana Mauseth said...

nasihat yg bernas utk seorg ibu kepada ank2 perempuannya :D..hope they will grow and become respectable ladies with both beauty and intelligence...and of course all the happiness the world can offer them...

Mimi said...

bestnyer baca all our advice 2 ur 2 lil girls..I wish I can write something similar to Najeeb (tapi boys version lorr..hihi)

The Ceramic Designer said...

you've dared to give frank-advices like these coz ur girls are till very young to be reading ur blog, huh?? :)

my eldest is 16, and she blogs too.. therefore i'd have to choose my words carefully where matters of sex, orgasms, marital affairs, etc are concerned.. will refer her to ur blog instead?!! ;) i've enjoyed reading ur postings..

lenzaidi said...

9.Unlike orgasm, labour during child birth is real , you can't fake it. So do not have fear. All must experience it in order taste the sweetness of motherhood.

As a matter of fact i could explain vividly what labour pains like and is all about.I could explain how to ease labour pains, or delay or bear down it all togather.
How could i explain orgasm much as to fake it when two takes to tango hahah.
Happy mothering.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hahahhahah...dear ladies,

I am frank when communicating with my girls. Yeah, maybe they are just too young to understand, but i believe they have the right to know the truth about life..most importantly about the opposite sex.

I know my girls would not know what the dickens is orgasm..hahha, but sarah knows that giving birth is a very painful experience (labour). I have read somewhere that many Malaysian women are still in the dark about orgasm, due to the lack of info and exposure about this..hahha. I believe, this is daylight robbery for women when we also must enjoy it! So i guess, we need to talk to our girls about it and explain to them too that it comes with implications and responsibilities.