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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is On My Mind?

Dear Hubby,

Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me. You know, for the past few months, I have been troubled with doubtful thoughts of us. I thought we have lost the magic we used to share almost a decade ago.

My mind is never tardy searching for an answer to the lacklustre performance in our nuptial bliss. You know, familiarity could diminish the magic between couples in love. Are we still in love, anyway? :)

Dear Hubby,

Sometimes the Devil gets the better of me. He whispered to me words that caused me to be doubtful of us. When things turn sour between us, sometimes, I will cry the tears of a defeated soul. Yes, I have never told you this before, for I have now, acquired the skills of a successfully married woman, that is to endure the pain resulted from her other half's insensitivity. Now, I am not going to explain THAT to you, for you would not understand something which you were not born with.. :)

Dear Hubby,

You are what the sisterhood call as 'a bit rough around the edges', not the kind of man I was looking for. You never promised me a fairytale-like life, a happy forever and ever kind of life together. You used to try to explain to me your 'kampung' childhood, a kind of life that I am not familiar with. Hey, when you started to talk about your cattle back home and the rolling hills of Sandakan, I never imagined myself being that woman who would wave lovingly at you as you leave our picket fenced home. No, I will not milk any of the cows for you!

Dear Hubby,

I think I know why I was attracted to you. It was that old worn out belt that you used to wear, Yeah, the one which was given by your late uncle almost 20 years ago. I always thought I would be attracted to gentlemen in suits with shiny pair of shoes on, but hell no..unconsciously I was more driven to you. And that not so expensive cologne you used to splash on you, it did give me nice dreams!

Dear Hubby,

I have always wanted a man who could sing like Anuar Zain (Note to dear readers: he is featured here singing the first two songs). I was looking for a man who could sing to me while on bended knees, you know how I tend to 'merajuk' rather often. But dear hubby, you cannot seem to croon an agreeable tune. But thank God you can play the guitar. That has been one of the upmost requirement for a guy to be with me. This is because I love singing.

Talking about the guitar and singing, I can say tonight had been a meaningful experience for me. I am glad that I made the effort to retrieve your BIG GREEN BOOK of guitar cords from the darkness of our closet. I understand that you have compiled the guitar tabs of your favourite songs in this book. You have had it since you were in your first year in the University, hmm..wonder what was I up to at that time?
I cannot say that your choice of love songs fit my taste. Oh yes, perhaps I should tell you now, that I never liked the song you dedicated to me about 9 years ago. No, darling, even though I cried when watching The Titanic, I never liked "My Life Will Go On" to be our lurvy-durvy theme song. I was hoping you would sing to me Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" or After 7's "Ready or Not", well I know, those songs are just not you. Yeah, I know you are not happy with the lyrics.

Oh yes, about tonight, hey thanks a million, honey. I really enjoyed it. I could still recall, years ago, we used to sing to your selection of corny love tunes till we were so intoxicated with passion, hence, the four kids..:)

Dear Hubby,
As I am writing this, you are already asleep with the guitar in your arms. Yes, I do find a man who strums on his guitar while lying down is sexy, perhaps it is a come on sign from you, but why did you have to go to sleep so soon?

Benjamin sleeping under his bapak's arm

Now, I have to find a space to squeeze in on the bed for the boys are all over you already. Ben has occupied my favourite spot, that is sleeping on your right arm, while Adam is at your left foot. Luckily Sarah has gone to sleep else where while playing with her make believe hospital bed.

Adam sleeping at his bapak's foot

Dear Hubby,

I used to have doubts as I thought we have lost the spark between us. I should not expect too much from you, as you have never promised me the world before this. A simple and happy life is what I am looking for (plus the monthly stay at home allowance you pledge to give me).

Sleep tight, darling!
Yours Truly,


Kak Teh said...

Ida, those pictures are familiar - the children used to sleep everywhere and I'd be very lucky if I can find any space at all to be near him. and most times, we'd be holding hands over several little bodies in between.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak Teh,

I do not usually squeeze myself in the crowd as I cannot sleep on crowded beds, in other words, I do not like people (including my kids) to share my bed. I have been trying to discipline them, but hubby seems to enjoy having them around him when he is sleeping.

Mimi said...

Sensei pandai main gitar ye? mesti nnt dia nak ajar anak2 dia kan..u pandai dah ke main gitar?

Lyana Mauseth said...

haha nak tergelak i tgk adam tidoq dgn bantal atas kepala...this is pure happiness ida...to see your kids sleeping around their father....

Anonymous said...

hi idarao,

your better-half used to work at IKIM, ISIS or MIMA?

thought i have met him at one of those places.


Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Mimi,

Sensei ni boleh le jugak main guitar, tapi semalam lupa macamana rupa chord B7, tu la kena bukak buku lama balik..

Jari2 ku masih keras utk main guitar! :)

edelweiss said...


i suka posting nih :)

Well at least he plays guitar..my hubby tak tahu langsung .... and i love singing! mcm mana tuh hah???

bestnya tengok ur kids tidor dengan bapak dia...my girl, nak tido bapak dia mesti pergi jauh...! mesti i jugak dia carik hehehheh

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Lyana, I ended up tidoq kat atas Sarah's imaginary hospital ward (kat living room). Bila pagi jenuh Suzalie carik I...hahhahah.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hi R,

By now you've got your answer already :). Kocik dunio ni iyo..:)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

eleh edelweiss, eksyen la u..hahahah..

u, ni blog u ni bila mau taruk ceritanya? Color dah cun giler!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ida,
Funny tengok anak2 you conquer the bed!

Actually masa muda2 dulu I pun suka sangat guys yg main guitar. Tapi my hubby tak reti pun... opposite attractions when it comes to jodoh agaknya ;)

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Ida

Let me share this with you:

Country Love

Nashville tears are lonely signs that point to broken hearts
Broken lives and families that love has split apart
Children who miss Daddy, Mommies on the run
The pleasure that is painful and hidden from the sun

Nashville hearts are lonely words that speak of love gone wrong
Sad and soulful stories and beautiful love songs
For each and ev'ry melody of happiness denied
You know that there's another one that shows the other side

Country love is kisses in the kitchen
Country love is honest and it's true
Country love is home and with your fam'ly
Country love's the way that I love you

Country love is silky nights and warm familiar hands
Someone whose been there before and always understands

Nashville nights are lonely roads that we ve all travelled on
Sometimes they take you far away or they can bring you home
If you re lost out on the highway, do not deny the dove
When Nashville night's the question the answer's country love

Country love is kisses in the kitchen
Country love is honest and it's true
Country love is home and with your fam'ly
Country love's the way that I love you

Puteri's territory said...

Sweetnya the pics. My kids tak cari the father kalau nak tidur, mesti cari I. Nak apa2 pun sanggup turun cari i kat bawah, walaupun the father ada kat atas.

You're lucky, he is really a family man who dotes on the kids kan?

He plays guitar and loving too. Jealousnyer.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


For me, the criteria of an ideal guy are:

1. English kena baguih (spoken, written, listening)

2. Educated

3. Mesti boleh main guitar, but if tak se'terror' pun tak pe.

4. Mesti ada goatie, sebab i suka.

5. Shoulders kena tegap, but bukan mcm Arnold.

6. Nice smell.

7. Good posture especially when standing..

..and the list goes on sampai 15 criteria je...:)

P/S: Tak tau main guitar boleh belajar..tgk je kat youtube, senang..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Major,

Tq for sharing, u r so kind :)

Tranquility said...

A moving piece ma'am. May you guys enjoy long lasting passion together.

mamasita said...

O what lovely romantic letters..mendayu2 and apa orang kata? Menusuk kalbu? Alahai..mesti darling you sangat2 happy baca all the loving letters and honest confessions! Great way to a man's heart Ida!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Ala, apa nak jeles, i am sure ur other half pun ada kelebihannya jugak :).

The kids manja dgn i, but they all lagi suka melawak dan melisuh dengan bapaknya..dengan i, they all tak berani sebab i tak suka bising2 and budak2 tarik2 baju i...hahah

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Doc.,

Tq sir..may your Baker @ 7 be a happy ending one too..:)

Dear Datin Mama,

Ni bukan apa sgt, luahan a troubled woman with early thirties crisis je. He does not know about this yet, but I am sure one of these days, he will read this..he knows who I am even though I too, am a bit rough around the edges..:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida Hariati, wow! You sure one very sentimental, warm and passionate lady. Wayyyy to go, Ida.
Nothing like having fresh firewood to get the 'whoooosh'! Ha ha.

You are very romantic...*wink*.
Have fun and enjoy the dua bulans. Best regards, Lee.
Pssssst, ada senang, drop by. Lee.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dearrrrrrrrrrrrr Lee,

Firewood? Hahhaha..don't want to be the firewood here...

I will drop by ASAP, but as for now i've to go to a conference in Putrajaya, then tonite is my Latin Jam Class..yipee!

Have a great day ahead, sir...

edelweiss said...


soooooonnnnnn! heheheheh

lenzaidi said...

Kak Teh said..
I'd be very lucky if I can find any space at all to be near him. and most times, we'd be holding hands over several little bodies in between.
;-)Ini pun sudah romantic apa, Kak Teh.To me,that can only stay for about few minutes.I need to turn and toss before i get comfortable into my sleep position.So anak anak calo calo. heheh.

madam gold said...

The pics make me laugh.Similar scene around my house when the father is around.Sometimes bangun pagi sakit2 badan bukan nya fresh and awake.Nevermind...it shows how close family members are.Good sign.
Yes ida..we normally get the opposite of what we want.Other half also the rough cowboy type.Maklumlah orang bendang!