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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Escape

I have heard about someone who was squashed to death due to the fall. Still, that would not deter me from trying. I must make that jump, it is about life and death.

He rang me up a few nights before to apologise for the failed mission. He was consumed with fear, thus skeptical that this plan would work. He has never committed such 'crime' before, he claimed that never in his 33 years of life ever he attempted to do this. Yes, he loves me he said, but never ever he imagined to dare himself to take such daring move.

I, on the other hand, cared little about him being inexperienced. I also do not mind if he was Don Juan de Marco or any male species similar to that. If one were to ask me if I really love him, promptly I would reply 'yes, I love him with all my heart'. He sweeps me off my feet, he brings out the best in me, he is the reason for me to go on with this pathetic life of mine. He is my everything, even my husband does not come this close.

It took me 3 weeks to scheme for yesterday's mission, I had to make sure that everything would go on as planned. I knew the keys to the emergency exit were in one of the drawers in the master room. I had to wait for the child to sleep for his afternoon nap before I could conduct my search. I did not want to allow anyone to be suspicious of me, I knew the kid had been spying on me lately, or else how did my master learn about the occasional visits by my love. Oh, the thought of his afternoon visits sends chills to my spine. I long for him to be with me, to keep me warm, inside out.

Everything was set now, I have packed my things, I had to leave some things behind for I did not want anybody to smell the rat. I must keep a straight face, even though my heart was jumping with joy, I must not display any changes of emotions. I must keep cool even though I knew freedom was just minutes away.

The day had finally arrived, I called him, and he said he was already on his way. Good. I put the child to sleep, luckily I have acquired a secret potion from a friend staying on the 11th floor. She said with a few drops of this maroon coloured liquid, nicely blended with formula milk, the child would definitely doze off for a few extra hours, till the master comes home from work.

I heard some kids cheerfully swimming and playing by the pool downstairs. For me now, downstairs or the safeground was just a leap away. Freedom here I come, I shouted silently, within my heart.

I turned the key to unlock the emergency exit. Yes, this was an emergency too, I had to liberate myself urgently. I had no heart to endure with this unbearable pain anymore, I had to break free from this man-made chains around me at whatever cost. Goodbye sorrow, goodbye my master and goodbye dear child. Thank you for your patience for having me around. Never attempt to look for me, for I shall not come back, not in a million years.

The bags must go first. I did not have much things with me, for knew I would lead a nomadic life to completely erase my tracks.

Here I was, dangling for my freedom at the emergency exit, I can say that for a mother of three, I am still fit. Thanks to the jamu that I have been religiously taking for years. I smiled proudly as I thought of my lover who is almost 10 years my junior. I smiled even broadly when I visualized he and I being flesh to flesh tonight. I will keep him warm.

Yes, I have succeeded the jump. I was smart enough to harness myself to the neighbour's window grille on the second floor. I told you that I have planned this carefully. The kids at the pool saw me, but I did not care, I just wanted my share of freedom, that was all. I ranged my lover, he was there waiting for me at the gate. Hah..the sweet smell of freedom.

I strutted in my journey to the liberation of the body and soul like a peacock. I wanted to quicken my pace, but I had to stop myself from being a blundering fool. I must not let this excitement of a promised freedom to stir unnecessary suspicion by the people around here, especially the security guards.

Ah...just a few steps away. But now I wondered why these guards were out of their post, perhaps it was time for the change of guards since it was already 4.00pm now.

I heard someone shouting behind me.."stop her, stop her..". I did not pause to look back, I knew I was in trouble. I gathered my strength to pass through the guards, but I stumbbled as one of them had grabbed one of my bags. I let go of my bag, for it had no value now that my dream for freedom was at stake.

Then, they grabbed me, I put up a struggle but now it seemed my practise of consuming the jamu for years could not even help me to break free from these men. I was taken like a criminal. Defeated. I wondered what crime have I committed for all I wanted was a taste of freedom?

I held back my tears for I did not want to be seen shedding tears for such tragedy. I knew they would say that these tears were nothing but crocodile's tears. So be it. No one could understand the pain I had to endure when my dreams were shattered. I have calculated the risks if ever this daring mission of mine failed. I have thought of the punishment that I would have to endure from my master. But I know, no physical abuse is greater than to lose the trust from your superior.

They interrogated me like a villian. They have asked me about my accomplice, I shall not, even if my head was at the chopper, have my lover's name danced out of my lips. Oh..I have always loved to say out his name, but definitely not in this dreaded situation. From the corner of my eyes, I saw he was watching me now, while hopelessly sitting in his car. I had to try my best to keep my eyes off my love, even though at this moment I yearned for him to rescue me from these iron clutches. Nevertheless, this was impossible. We had promised not to reveal ourselves even in dire straits. I regretted for convincing him to do that.

They dragged me up, to where I came from. On my way up, again I saw the kids playing cheerfully at the pool. I also saw a lady sitting down by the pool, watching over them, I suppose. I saw this lady twice before, she was tall, hair nicely permed and tainted. I know her Sabahan maid, I was told that they are staying on the 5th floor. These kids are all hers, four of them altogether.

Something inside of me made me think she had something to do with my 'arrest'. I saw her pretending to look away from us. I also saw one of the security guards nodded at her. I knew it, she was the one who cautioned them about this. How did she know, anyway? Oh yes, definitely from her Sabahan maid, the girl saw me attempting to escape 2 days before. The first attempt failed when my lover decided to change his mind at the very last minute.

How could you, lady. How could you help to shatter my dreams. Have not you loved someone so deeply that the whole of you is longing to be with him? Lady, have you ever been hopelessly in love with someone even though by law you are bound to someone else? Do you know how painful it is to struggle to be in slumber with someone that your heart has ceased to worship? Why could not you let me be, lady. I have never interfered in your life before. So why could not you let me be?

As I am lying down in this little chamber of torture, I am also pondering how the future is going to be for me. I have been denied of any means of communication. How am I to tell my love that I shall be forcefully shipped back home tomorrow. I am also comtemplating on drowing myself in the ocean.

Nay, I shall not do that. I shall face this like a woman.

My love shall wait for me. I have him in heart and mind. But as for now, I have to put up a show before this man whom I call a husband.


Note from the writer: Yesterday, I cautioned the Management Office when I saw this Indonesian maid, attempting to escape from her employers. I knew I have done the right thing as I have experienced having a maid who ran away while on duty.


sherry said...


Thanks for sharing!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

:) u r welcome, sherry

madam gold said...

Ida,my maid ran away too,5 years ago.
At that time we were staying in an army camp.Though tight security,she could still find her way out .Prior,my kids complaining she was quite closed with one of the drivers who sent my kids to school.Guess that driver helped her.
Hubby and his men combed the whole camp that night and d chinese cemetery next to the camp ,still terlepas jugak.She chose her bf over her hard earned salary rm 2000.Later she called me wanted her salary,i said dtng ambil,but she wouldnt there until now...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida Hariati, you are one real warm, passionate, loving, romantic lady.
I believe the moonlight and roses kind, ha ha.
Nice posting...
Have fun and don't forget the red lipstick, Lee.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Madam Gold,

My maid pun pernah lari. It occured about 4 years, hubby was away in the UK, at that time I had only two of the kids with me (ynag lain belum lahir).

She left the house in the wee hours of morning, taking a few of my clothes with her plus a phone.

I got really kelam-kabut as I had to make immediate arrangement for the care of my young kids. Geram betul la. U know la, if nak hantar pegi nursery ni kena guna duit bayk tau utk deposit and macam2 lagi. Hish..tak mau ingat la betapa susahnya.

The maid is a Sabahan, I got to know about less than a year after that she came back home to deliver a baby, entah anak sapa..I believe God has protected us from her. This a blessing in disguise.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Lee,

Tq so much for dropping by and for the kind compliments too. Just being my trueself Lee, that's all..:)

Have a great weekends ahead!

somuffins said...

Hi Ida, I rcvd a text from a friend just now telling me that she fired her maid tanpa notice cos the maid curi duit. I told my friend she shd ikat that maid kat pokok yg banyak kerengge..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


U know, i used to have a maid who stole my mom's solitaire (ring), my daughter's pearl necklace (fresh water pearl je..)and she took my brothers' pictures as well.

I did not know about this, but my mom asked me to check, so I jumpa la..I punya mengamuk, sampai my hubby pun tak berani nak cakap apa. We all terus beli flight ticket for her and suruh dia balik...puas hati I.

mamasita said...

Hish..suspense betul..mula2 I ingat you...cannot be..you sayang hubby you like hell, then I thought it must be a cat, rupa2 Indon maid! hehe

Da, you ada bakat tulis novels lah!
Nice cerita..sensasi!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Ala, ye ke Datin? Hahaha..I saja cuba bayangkan Indon maid to rasa mcmana sebab tak dapat lari dengan boyfren dia..

I pun suka baca Datin punya writings tau..:)

Tranquility said...

- New York post

"..she's done it again.."
- London Times

" ..glamourr gitu.."

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Dr.,

..she decided to leave the dismangled fish on the chopping board, for now she had become "syok sendiri" due to the favourable critics by the press. "I must go on writing and do nothing else, the fish can wait till I am done." "Pizza delivery is just a phone call away"..:)

Tq, sir.

D'Rimba said...

Terima kasih atas pujian.......

cikgu zainab said...

TK kerana ziarah blog kak nab. sebenarnya kak nab dah lama "kenal" ida kat sini...being a silent reader!!
a few days time kak nab pun akan bergelar ex-teacher macam ida.

Desert Rose said...


aND i THOT u tgh asah bakat tulis novel, well u should la.

Anyway, a friend told me that all the maids around her house including hers akat lari berjemaah, just imagine la ha ha, bet the lane jadi WisteRIA Lane la (ops sorry, u dont watch desperate housewife la plak)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


saya bukan memuji, hanya menyatakan apa yang benar :).

Kak Nab,

Selamat Bersara, cikgu :).

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Kak Eza,

Hi..how are you? These Indo maid, depa boleh control hidup kita ye sebab depa tau we need them to care for our kids.

I geram betul la..

Tq for your compliment..ye, byk kena asah lagi ni..:)

Lyana Mauseth said...

aduhhhhh! i ingat u yg lari ida! suspen sgh.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Kat sapa la i nak lari? Anyone on your mind :)?