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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hopeless Romantic

Dear all,

I want to be in love with love. I want to be a hopeless romantic. I have only read one romance novel , with a happy ending (supplied by Lyana), forgot the title. I have watched several romantic movies. Don't know why, in books and movies, I seem to love the ones with sad endings. Thus, I believe life must have tragedies as that is a part of being human.

I want to run free in my imaginative world again. I want to play a different role.
Please supply me with titles of books and movies, with love and devotion as the theme. Share with me the stories that have shaped your perception on life and love. Give me the name of the books or movies that have never failed to make you feel hopelessly romantic.

Perhaps it is fair if I initiate this search by stating that the most romantic book that I have read is "The Bridges of Madison County" and the best movie would be ...I don't know, difficult to choose.
Let's be in love with love tonight..

P/S: Lyana, I am not going out of my mind..it is just one of them days when the elements within need nourishing.


Queen Mother said...


There is no harm in being hopelessly romantic. When you say that you are, you remind me of a soft fuzzy teddy bear with english rose scented...

and it takes the pain a bit away.

Have a great day doll


Lyana Mauseth said...


I read a lots of romantic books those days...because love life back then s"#¤%&&¤#¤ big time haha...

now i don't read many love stories anymore...i read more about life...try to find book entitled The Secret Life of Bees...now they made a movie of it too...i like the story. It was about those days in US where black people were oppressed and this white girl ran away from home and lived with the black women instead...nice story...u shud ask layla..she knows all these romantic books :D

have u watched the movie Musics & Lyrics with hugh grant and drew barrymore? It is a love comedy movie..i love it and watched it many times...:D

Naz said...

I would like to recommend the movie *A Very Long Engagement* with Audrey Tatou. Very very special story line.

mamasita said...

I am a lazy reader actually though very romantic at heart.So ok lah..nanti I nak geledah my daughter's collection of buku2 Mills and Boons! Bertimbun2! Tapi kalau siapa ambik dia tahu..macam mental record of her beloved books! hahaha

MrsNordin said...

I don't really fancy romantic novels but I do love a good love story/movie.

The Bridge of Madison County is one my favourite films of all time!! That's because Clint Eastwood is in it (I'm a BIG fan!) and also, it has a good story line. I shall look out for the book since you said there is one.

Try "The Lake House" ~ I'm not sure if they have the book but the movie is great (Keanu Reeves).

I just read "Road to Rodanthe" (after watching the movie) ~ ok lah. This one has a sad ending, which you may like.


p/s thanks for leaving a note on Nadira's blog.

Desert Rose said...


Nanti I tgk kat 'library' I what to reccomend..

Tapi pasti half of my collection are Judith Mckanught la (yea its soo childish, but what d heck).

Nowadys, i read stories based on true story, maybe had enough of day dreaming kot...coz I first read Mills & Boon masa standard 4, may dad dok asyik belikan I Nancy Drew, apara. I've had enough of her since Standard 2 dah. U c betapa i ni historic romantic icon, umur 10 tahun dah berangan tau. And i used to love historical romance, chitt

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Queen Mother,

How are you, dear? I hope all is well for u..

I have lots of soft toys at home but none is mine..hey wait, there IS a teddy bear given by an ex of mine about 15 years ago..Hmmm, I wonder where is it now..perhaps in a box under my daughther's bed. Poor ex boy friend, he should have known that I am not into fuzzy teddy bears as they'll make me sneeze..acho..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


I know you were an addict for romantic novels, masa dulu la..I read books of different genre, at the momment I am reading "Totocan-the Girl at the Window" by Tetsuko do-no-what (Japanese author). I am also reading the biography of Matahari the Spy entitled "Femme Fatale" by Pat Shipman. I read this biography whenever I am feeling sexy...hahahha (what ever that means!)

I will look for the Secret Life of Bees and that Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore story as you suggested..can they make me cry? I love to give a good cry of the stories I read..kan I ni hopeless..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak Naz,

I hope I can download the movie u suggested..very good ye..nanati i p carik..

Datin Mama,

I ni punya la kuno, tak pernah baca Mills & Boons..dasyatkan. Actually, I tak mau baca romance ni because nanti I'll have a certain expectation in love..I know love hurts and that the knight in shining amour are just fairy tales..

Tq for "menggeladahing" your daughter's stuff..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Watching Keanu Reeves gives me nice dreams...hahhahaha. I have heard of The Lake House and I will definitely surrender myself watching it..the problem now, how to make my hubby watch it with me..my hubby ni if tak de lawan2 dalam movies dia tak berapa gemar..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Oh yes, MrsN..I believe the book is better (The Bridges of Madison County)..I like to imagine things, so I could visiualize the saddest looks and feelings of Francesca and Richard..I became emotionally unstable for almost a week. My hubby understands me, so he does not take things personal. I cried everytime reading it. I suggested to some friends at work, but they said tak sedih pun..hahhahah..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak Eza,

Belum akil baligh dah baca romance? Bahaya ni...hahhaha. No wonder u buat pre nup dgn ur kanda for honeymoon every year..ni nak practice apa u baca la ni..hahhaha

Nanti i pi carik Judith McNaught..oh yes, dulu I pernah curik baca my mom's Barbara Cartland but I did not understand the plot as I was only 7 years old..:)

Mimi said...

Please watch:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and read
P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, they also produced the P.S I Love You movie sometime in 2007 but I prefer the novel..these 2 titles are all about love, devotion; I cried buckets...huhu

Desert Rose said...


Oh yess Barbara Cartland, I ve reading her since I was 9-10 yrs old, walaupun aku tak la paham 70% of the content I still boleh baca habis. Lepas tu mula I berangan ha ha. Kalau u nak cari hers:-

1. The Young Unwilling wife
2. Phantom (apatah tak ingat, my collection ada kat SP)

My McKnaught's all time fav

1. Always & Forever
2. Paradise

I nangis la baca, but again its me u talking about, of course la aku nangis.

But if u r reading Cartland, prepare lah terima the ol time punya cliche, woman are subject to man's whimp & fancy until she met the man yg so cold or a vicious womaniser, but she tamed her and they live happily ever after,- the end.

Now I am reading The Partner-John Grisham & Love from the Torn Land Dua-dua tak romantic, former is a fiction later was based on true story .I mg tamak I baca 2 buku skali at a time. Satu tgl kat ofis. Satu lagi mobile. I bring it everywhere and this one yg I baca before bedtime.

Happy reading Ida.

p/s: Klaau jumpa buku best roger kat I ka. I nak suggest u satu buku Indon yg dah ditranslate ke BM, BEST SELLER.Tp takut u ske buku Melayu. But its just a GREAT book - Ayat-ayat Cinta by Habiburarahman El Hijazi, Different aspect in love story.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


i bought the benjamin button book last friday..will read it soon..

kak eza,

ok ke if i start mills & boons collection sekarang, for my daugthers' future readings, mana la tau kot umoq i tak panjang, tak sempa nak intro benda2 ni kat depa..

Desert Rose said...


somehow i need to find this Bridges on Madison County la babe.

Ok go ahead dear, strat ur collection. I did my own. But dont la get d idea of that 'andainya kau pegi dulu sebelum mu' u tu.

Mills & Boon, ipun dah tak nampak kat book rack , x sure ada lgi tak. Kalau ada pun, they have level ikut dia nye hardcore tak hardcore tau ha ha. Mcm movie la U, SG. SX. Just look at the cover, kalau kat cover tu heroine tu posed maut sampai nak terkeluar asset hump dia sebelah and the hero pose macho dgn penuh berahi sambil tayang six pack, yang tu u might want to avoid giving to ur daughter ha ha.

Choose yg innocent sket like hero& heroin pose sambil pegang cawan and staring at each other ok.

lenzaidi said...

Perhaps my choice of books doesnt sync with age.Been reading Khaleed Hussien 'The Kite Runner' and 'a thousand spendid sun' of late.My early readings was books titled the three wild swans and Mao's last dancer.Very depressive story of the last chinese under the Mao and revolutionary culture.phews. It drained every single cell of my body ;-(

My soul needs some nourishment now..so i m reading this 'Love in a Torn Land by Jean Sasson.Belum nangis lagi tapi sedih.Romance rendervous at war torn land no kidding!!

And Ida tq for lending me the Bridges on Madison County.
Sebab dah tengok movie i skipped reading only concentrate the chapter when they first made love in the kitchen,duh!and the letter written by the lover/journalist(Clint E.) before he died.sob sob.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hello Len duhling,

I am still at school, just finished one round of cursing you-know-who with my neighbour (you know who)..hahha

I still have ur Yoga book with me..nanti i pulangkan, lately my memory slips so easily la..tua dah ni, april ni i pencen...hahah

I wanted to buy 'The Kite Runner' but tak jadi, guess this Friday I'll go and buy la. Friday is 'me day' as it is the day for destressing and doing some 'sinless' shopping (kalau ada duit le) at KLCC...

You rasa our madam reads or not? I've a book for her, the title is '10 Mistakes A Leader Does'..hahha..sure berkesan punya!

Lyana Mauseth said...


The Lake House mmg BEST!!! I tgk byk kali sbb nak pahamkan jalan ceritanya...and keanu reeves?? i never liked him b4 but in that movie, i SUKA okey :D

Another story yg sad ending is Fine Thing by Danielle Steel...sedih siot...buku dia kak iza ada sb tu buku i dia pinjam dulu..cuba tanya dia haha...and this story dah buat movie long time ago ada tunjuk kat RTM2...so sad ida...mcm nak mati je rasa tgk cerita tu...btw, i have many movies made from danielle steel's novels...gift from yusuf :D...dtg rumah i kita tgk sama2 :D

u tak pernah bc mills & Boons? where have u been ida haha...i read like 3-4 novels in a week those days...tp tak ingatlah title and the novels semua rent a book punya haha...xpa, once balik ni, and my stuff dah smp dgn kapai...i will selongkar my library for u okeh :D

MrsNordin said...

Where can I buy this "Bridge of Madison" book? Kinokuniya ada tak??

MrsNordin said...

Btw, if your husband doesn't want to watch The Lake House, watch it alone. Even better, boleh nangis sorang2! Tak de sapa tahu! Hee.. hee...

I have the Korean version as well, the original story that was adapted for the Hollywood movie. But Keanu Reeves is better lah, of course.

p/s Lyana, don't you like Keanu Reeves in "Constantine"?

(sorry Ida, topic ni syok nak comment banyak2! Hee.. hee...)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear MrsN,

I bought the book masa book fair, not sure if kat Kinokuniya ada, but I can go and check this Friday as that's my Kinokuniya day..

Madam, i heran macam mana org tak admire Keanu Reeves, muka cute giler boleh pengsan..dia dalam drama bodo-bodo pun can give me nice dreams...2 orang lagi Jude Law and Orlando Bloom, mak aihh...

Lyana Mauseth said...


Cerita tu I belum tgk..but I will download and tgk ASAP...

I prefer River Phoenix tp dah mati pulak. I tak suka Keanu Reaves mgkin sbb I tak suka tgk matrix kot and the devil advocates haha...but the lake house?? I will berenang merentas tasik tu tau nak tgk dia haha...jatuh chenta on the spot!!

i suka hero tua2 mcm richard gere tuh haaaa....but not rosham noor okay :D

ida u shud try novel melayu jugak...i have read many novels from some authors yg mencengkam jiwa raga tau..not bad at all...nnt i tanya my sis nama2 novels and authors tu...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida Hariati,
Try find the following books:
1/ Love is a many splendoured thing.
It is the true story of Dr. Han Han Su Yin, who at one time worked in Malaysia, at Batu Gajah hospital.
I assure you, you will not put this book down once started.

I have read it several times, seen the movie, starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones more than 20 times past 30 years.
And the book also helped influenced some of my ahemm, dating experiences.

The famous song of the same title is one of the most beautiful songs ever, one of my favorites.

2/ A Town like Alice.
This is a love story of a British lady prisoner of war during the Japanese occupation of Malaya then.
Again, I assure you, you'll love this book.
A movie of same title was made, filmed in Malaysia showing kampongs and villages.

And for nothing better to do, more of a homegrown true story....there's my ahemm, posting of the love affair between a beautiful matured lady and a man half her age.....me.
Next to my wife, this was the most beautiful, poignant romance i ever experienced, unlike others I posted.
Titled: A faded letter from the past. D/d 1/4/08.

Of how a faded letter found me here in Canada, after 30 years.
No address, only my name...bringing or reviving a past I thought I had left behind and the memories.

Thus I had to bring out this story from my old diaries...and it took me days and weeks to 'recover' after concluding as well inbetween.

Even during decoding, drafting and typing it out... I had to take breaks. You will understand why if you decide to check it out.

It was unexpected experience, but just happened.
And to tell the story in just one posting will not do justice to her.

This was THE longest posting I ever done, 19 episodes. 2 episodes each posting.
Took 3 weeks to conclude, of how fate played its cards, to me, to her.
Let me know if you do check it out.

You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Kak Teh said...

Ida, I have been seraching my brain for the most romantic and all I could think of was Rebecca.
But Uncle Lee mentione Han su yin and love i a many splendoured thing. Yes, I have also met the author - when she came to London. I wish i can produce romantic stuff too - alas.....! I think Pride and Prejudice is as well - some classics are so beautiful.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Sesungguhnya I pun minat matured heroes macam richard gere...but why don't u try tgk jude law in "Arfie"..(not sure betul ke tak title ni)

I've read only one Malay novel, "anak si penarik beca' yg my friend martias tulis..but will try to read some more if u boleh suggest to me some..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Tq for dropping by..I will definitely visit ur pondok tonite, when all this work is settle..

I will check Han Su Yin's work today at Kinokuniya..tq

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak teh,

indeed pride and prejudice is the best of all romantic stories..I've never watched the movie, though for I have made a pledge to myself not to watch movies adapted from books..I want to preserve the beauty of my imagination of the settings and characters as they are..

MrsNordin said...

Lyana, I fell in love with Keanu Reeves after watching Constantine. Then baru Lake House. Go figure! And you MUST watch it, ok?

Speaking of Malay novels, yes, there are a few good ones that I've read. Can't remember the titles, but mostly by Sharifah Abu Salim. But the one yang I paling suka, "Laila Azwa Gadisku" ~ ni I baca masa lepas SPM dulu. Best!! Nangis!

lenzaidi said...

I have seen the movie (in black & white ..how old is this movie Uncle Lee?)and read the book 'A town like Alice'.Dah lama sangat masa zaman Jepun lol.Alice was a British woman who was POW by the Japs.She met a new zealander soldier who was with the British Military ARmy in the prison.LOve between this two captured soul soon blosom(you can feel it by their gestures to each other)Its not difficult though.Ending lagi menyedihkan, love they found only to lose in the next prison!.I dah lupa pulak plot lain.
Pi cari Ida.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear len,

i will check it out most definitely, but the only thing i
am hooked on (kerana terpaksa) would that dreadful cluster report and all this gilap and gapai things..haiya..

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Saya tak berapa romantik, kata Pak Malim dgn mata yg lentik. Nak recommend buku, pun, tak boleh, sebab saya tak pi sekolah, kata Pak Malim sambil duduk berkelah.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

'Seronoknya Pak Malim datang', kata Ida sambil mengupas kentang. Orang tak pi sekolah pun boleh romantik apa, kata Ida sambil menghirup air kelapa. Rasanya Pak Malim ni saja rendah diri , usik Ida sambil mengurut jari.

lenzaidi said...

Nampak Pak Malim singgah,hati terhibur tak terkata.Madah Pak Malim tersusun rata segan saya nak meluah hata.Siapa gerangan tanya saya sambil menaip tak tentu hala. ;-)
Pheww this is just a begining interesting though.Will learn from Ida and Kak Teh.

lenzaidi said...

Nampak Pak Malim singgah,hati terhibur tak terkata.Madah Pak Malim tersusun rata segan saya nak meluah hata.Siapa gerangan tanya saya sambil menaip tak tentu hala. ;-)
Pheww this is just a begining interesting though.Will learn from Ida and Kak Teh.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of "romantic" women. What is wrong with being "friends"? Do I have to constantly come up with new and different ways to impress women romantically? BTW, with ALL the baggage most women carry how can you be romantic? And you are normally too busy defending yourself against constant male bashing to even be romantic. I say chill and just let things happen... Maybe some of us just want an intelligent conversation without constant drama and comments on how we are NOT pleasing the queen. Ok, now ...Let the male bashing begin!!!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Anon,

:) Are you refering us woman as the "queen"? Gee, thanx.

I understand how bad it feels for you guys to keeping on trying to please us, but us women just can't get enough.

Why must a man, who is superior in intellect, or in other words, a rational being, constantly slog to please his woman (or women)? Man can do this naturally..unless..

I understand it is disheartening to have us women complaining, yes? But hey, since man are more superior than us, please help to keep us sane. I believe this should not be a problem.

Make full use of your God given masculinity. Don't fret, we are just women anyway!

Have a great day ahead..