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Saturday, January 10, 2009


So sorry, I am not skillful in weaving words into readable stories when I am feeling down. I am down because I feel so insignificant as when the innocent souls of Gaza are crying out for mercy, I can only sit here in the comfort of my home.

Yes, we all pray for them. We compose beautiful and touching poems to show our sympathy to them. We gather in the streets holding posters that read our anger of Zionist. So what else have we done?

We shed tears when we see the ugly images of war. We condenm the powerful nations for giving their backs to us. So what else can we do?

We call the Zionist regime as animals, devils and everything from Hell. Still, as we are cursing them (Zionist) now, many innocent Palestinians are being butchered. Why are we still crying out for sympathy from others to help our own brothers?

Funny. We want to stop Zionism but indirectly we are 'feeding' them. Tell me, how many of us here are willing to boycott Zionist produce? Not eating McD's BigMac burger for months is so easy to do. But what about letting go of MTV, Tesco, Levi's Jeans, Hollywood..and the list goes on. I know I can't.

It is just so sad. I dare to say, so far God has not answered our prayers to free the Paletinians perhaps we have not been praying hard. I know He listening for He is The Most Merciful, but the key to stop this atrocities of war lies within us.

The Muslims have the means to rule the world, still we succumb to the misguidance of the corrupted West. Then, we claim ourselves being victimised by them.

Yes, we can cry as we watch the sufferings of the Palestians. The whole world condenms Zionism. We try our best to send humanitarian aids to our brothers there, we pray Allah to protect them or to ease their pain. Unfortunately, many of us are still clinging to the hope that one day the United States of America would be favourable to the Palestinians, as now there is Obama's audicity of hope. Great shame.

No one is going to help us, it is all up to us. Do Muslims of different secs and schools dare to swallow their pride and be united to save our fellow Palestinians? We can make a difference if we unite.


Lyana Mauseth said...

our problem is that we can't/don't want to unite and really do sth...the arab leaders are sitting there and not doing anything...we are handcuffed, all of us...maybe we are scared of what will happen if we do sth..then we will be called terrorists and then they have reasons to invade our country too..look at what happen in iraq, afganistan...now they are waiting to invade iran...north korea openly admit they have nuc but did US invade them?? no...i think bcoz they are not muslim...if iran says yes we have nuc...i guess immediately US troops will be there...ohh i wish i found my island....what are we giving to our children??? how will they grow up...just by thinking of this makes me sad and want to cry already...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

yeah it is sad, but this is the ugly truth..

you see, if they find us the Muslim threatening, this indicates that we are strong. They fear that Muslims will one day overule them...Our problem is that we long for recognition from the West. Indirectly we idolize them to the extent that we depend on them.

Arabs will be Arabs...we are crying out for the atrocity to stop, but what is the Arab brethen doing?

Don't be blue, Lyana..it is bitter to swallow this, but rest assure that they are all matyrs...insyallah..

Kak Teh said...

Ida, while feeling helplessness, you are able to weave something so touching. Wr do feel so small and insignificant. But Insyaallah God listens to our prayers.

Queen Mother said...

I like the part where u said "We want to stop Zionism but indirectly we are 'feeding' them"

Up till now, I've been receiving text msgs from friends with regards to the current topic of Gaza. But I know these people are hardcore Starbucks fan, one had her boy featured in a programme sponsored by Johnson & Johnson (she has free suply till the end of the year).

They are preachin but at the same time not believing - FOC from Johnson & Johnson, for a year, siapa tak nak?

Its sad...its really sad.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear ladies,

Feeling kinda hopeless, but I still have faith in Allah.

At this moment, my kids and hubby are playing Monopoly, the family board game..huh, another product of Zion..