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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Corat - coret Familiku

So I'm going to have to use a bit of 'bahasa rojak' here today as to preserve the originality of statements. These are the words of my loved ones in response to various situations. Many an occasions have I been dumbfounded by these innocent but sometime rather naughty expressions. I guess I just have to share these with ya all...

#1 Rule(r) of the Thumb

My hubby's problem solving method when there was no ruler at sight - One night when he was tutoring the kids, I heard him saying in his Malay Sabahan dialect assuring to the kids, "Wei bapak dulu masa sekolah mana ada pembaris, bah, kami guna ibu jarik sajak..nenek kau endak marah pun". My son, Adam was so happy, so he right away used his tiny thumb as the ruler to draw the margin. Sarah was not satisfied, she was about to leave the table when her bapak asked what was wrong. She said she was going to confirm her bapak's little story with me, then I heard, "..alah tak payah lah, nanti bising tu...". The result: the lines were all so crooked that I made them draw them again using MY ruler.

Moral : Always eavesdrop your hubby's conversation with the kids, as men tend to use their so called practical solution at the wrong places!

#2 Black Undies
During Raya shopping at the Sogo Shopping Complex - We were at the lingerie section, there were a couple of guys around, maybe waiting for their wives and girlfriends. I was browsing around for some things there when Sarah said out loud, "Mommy, Sarah nak black underware." Surprised. I declined. Sarah continued on loudly, "Alah, Sarah nak black panties macam Mommy pakai tu, please..biar nampak seksis (deformed 'sexy'). I am a big girl". At that instant, I knew that I was getting old as my 8 year old daughter now could make the connection of the colour black and sexiness". Sigh..so soon time flies...

Moral: Beware of what you wear when you are around Sarah, as she will comment.

#3 Who is younger?

My mama is a HOT MAMA. At the age of 57, her skin is still radiant, complexion is youthful and yes, she dresses up like a hip 30+ lady too. Whereas, I am the total opposite. I am bigger in size (all la..). My complexion is so-so, my eyes are always ringed with these dark circles and so on and so forth. Oh yes, I cannot fit in my mama's clothes as there are small. So one day, as I was putting on some make up, Sarah came into the room to watch, I knew she was gonna comment on something. Then she asked, "mommy, why you always make up je..". I answered, "saja nak cantik". Then she proceeded, "tapi Uci (my mama) tak payah make pun cantik". OK, I took that as a punch, steady Ida. I kept silent. Being an innocent kid, perhaps she thought that the silence meant some sort of an agreement, so she asked me another question, "mommy why Uci looks young(er) than you, you sure she (is) your mother huh?". Aduih, mulut anak daraku laser!

Moral: Yet again, beware of what you wear when Sarah is around!

#4 The Cook

My 7 year old son, Adam was totally engrossed in the computer games that he was playing. I thought he was unaware of my presence near him when suddenly he said, "mommy, Adam nak jadi cook macam dalam TV tu la, boleh pegi sana, pegi sini. Boleh masak banyak-banyak lepas tu dapat duit boleh kasi mommy". Up to this point, I dah terkedu dah. Then he said, "mommy ajar le Adam masak, Adam nak belajar masak le mommy'. Hmm..elok le, anak pompuan nak melawa je, yang lelaki nak belajar masak. Bukan salah ibu mengandung!

Moral: Bagi je moral support apa benda our kids nak buat..kita boleh tompang senang.

#5 Carik Lain

Sarah used to tell me 'go find another bapak' as this one 'dah ada banyak uban'. Little did she know, in reality it is the other way around. Anyway, is it true that the grey hair for men actually is an indication of his wisdom and maturity?

Moral: Uban boleh dye inai Indian so biaq tak nampak. Boleh ke?

#6 Multiplying Love

One day, Sarah saw hubby and I in each other's arms. We are quite demonstrative when it comes to all these lovy dovy things. So she uttered out loud, "hah, asyik peluk-peluk je ni nanti dapat baby lagi, biar banyak-banyak sampai one hundred, sapa nak jaga kakak (my maid) mau balik Sabah sudah..". We all terkejut beruk.

Moral: Be very careful with what you do when she is around. I don't know where she got her mulut laser tu...

So that's the story of my loved ones with their wits. Goodnight!


Lyana Mauseth said...

haha lawak le ida...bagus ank dara tu je...tah nape seram sejuk lak i baca kisah dia ni haha

yg adam lak nak jd cook...ni remind me of odin n emil...dulu masa kat msia asik tgk we all masak 24 jam so my mom dgn sisters tnya la odin dgn emil nn t besar nak jd apa...so my sisters bg la examples, nak jad doktor ke, nak jd pilot ke nak jd cikgu...u know apa depa jawap? odin dgn emil nak jd tukang masak!!! we all punya la bantai gelak haha

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

La awat u seram sejuk pulak? Scary story ke? hahahhah

Mimi said...

aiseh..penat aku type banyak2 tetiba ada message ' blogger unavailable'..
btw, this is my 3rd comment on your blog; pls refer in your previous entry for da 1st and 2nd comment.
Is that Sarah in that cool looking boots? She's so pretty (ada iras2 Amy Mastura la..pls forgive moi if u don;t like her ok). Sarah is sooo like her mummy..full of wit. She's one smart lass..
Bak kata my mom, budak2 zaman sekarang ni cerdik2 belaka..hikhik
Hugs and kisses from aunt Mimi to all of ur lil precious

Sha Abdullah said...

hehe..gelak sorg2 aku baca nih..lawak,cute pn ada..btul le org ckp..anak2 ni penghibur n penyeri umahtangga..bygkan klau kita idup dgn hubby je..ishh xnak le aku bygkan..bosan smpai menopos awal lak aku nnti..

Aravin said...

your writing is awesome.you should write a book. i m sure it'll be a bestseller. (saw your comment on sharon's blog). anywayz, life is short so what ever you want to do, do it now. (also enjoy doing it, k) take care.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Mimi..

So happy to find u here, darling...kalau i kat depan u, i dah melompat2 very excited...hahahha.

Boleh le i bantai speaking Rawa nagn u, ok tak or u segan...hahahha

Kisses to Lil' N a.k.a the Prince Charming..take care!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Sha,

Memang best anak ramai ni, but kekadang tahap bising terlampau maksimum, semua orang nak cakap at the same time, apa ke he nye...

Sarah kalau bercakap dgn mata2nya menjeling and mulutnya mcm mak nenek..gamaknya i dulu mcm tu kot..heheheh

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hi Aravin, tq for your support..yeah, lately I have this thirst for scribbling down my thoughts and reflections on so many things in life.

I will write because of my love for it, but if suddenly it generates a handsome income, hey, don't blame me for cashing in the Benjamins...hahahha

lenzaidi said...

Rule of the thumb #6 Multiplying Love.

Now this, you have to be very very careful.Yes you too Lyana and all the mommies out there.hahahah

As we occasionally wanted to display at that very moment some tenderness towards our other good halves we have to go light lol. Children at the tender age of Sarah often sees this as she sees this )see things at the face value).But Ida, You have to catch her there and explain whats the right translation of the gestures.

Happy mothering
Cheers bah.

Lyana Mauseth said...

kat umah i ni bab peluk2 tu biasa le...kkdg sampai naik lemas k...bila yusuf give me a hug, odin dgn emil pun join so jd la group hugs...lemas dan rimas jgk kkdg tu....i think the culture here sama kot...my step sons pun give me a hug now and them....

ida, i kan kkdg bersyukur i xde daughter...i don't think i can handle them...:( sbb tu la kot i x dpt girls haha

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Welcome back Len, I heard History was kinda tricky..how's ur son doing so far?

Anyway, I always explain things to sarah. You are right, nanti she thinks sesiapa mamat boleh hug, habislah bah saya..touch wood.

Lyana, ada girls best apa..selalunya nanti anak pompuan la yg selalu balik umah kita bila tua nanti as hubby dok dengaq cakap dia, but boys ni more incline to their wives' side..entahlah, I am talking based on my experince as i have 2 married brothers. Even I myself have this preference over my own clan..

I imagine anak pompuan you mesti cun giler..I booking tau, berapa hang nak?

lenzaidi said...

Unlike in English paper 1, options in the mcq given in Sejarah are very close in meaning to each other. Therefore budak budak hilang pertimbangan nak cari jawapan tepat lol. The chinese students claimed that the sejarah paper is easy.;-)

My son Pmr is so far okay but i leave it to the Lembaga.Its good enough to hear he can do all the papers.Dapat score A atau tidak thats beside the point.I can only count on his English paper for an A. Sigh...ajar anak orang bagai nak rak...sapa ajar anak kita sampai dapat A?

Sarah is a smart girl,bubbly.With your guidance and supervision she can be a good example to her other siblings.

Looks like i need a long rest after the pmr.But on monday can you imagine we shall have two programs in tow.The KDL and RIMUP.

cheers huh?.

Lyana Mauseth said...

hg mmg lawak la ida...nnt i diskusi dgn yusuf brapa nak juai our daughter haha...byk projek tergendala la, so KIV dulu la daughter punya cerita tu haha

tulah, ank ppuan ni lebih concern dgn family...yg boys dia buat hal dia ja, bkn peduli sgt pun...kkdg susah hati jgk i ni...

Mimi said...

speaking Rawa? no hal..tak kisah..tapi iko aku lupo bahso Rawo..betoi ke nih? hahah..lamo tak cakap..Sedaro maro jarang dtg rumaahh sojak tok dah takdo..
I wanna polish my rawa with u..bulehh tak?

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Len, I can hear you laughing and eating Ada's raya cookies, but I dare not get up as I am too lazy to do so..

Anyway, ladies, I am not in the right mood lately. Thus, will not pen down that much in my blog. I am reading some books, hopefully that will heal the pain.

Len, I have so much more on my shoulders, yes, we have RIMUP, KDL, Graduasi F5 and I am gonna be the EMCEE for Tun Mahathir's visit to our school on Wednesday. So imagine that, darling, by next week I will a totally bz woman, too bad bz for others,not for my little kids..sigh:(

Mimi, I would love to parcatise Rawa with you..reminds me of those good carefree days we used to have together..:)

lenzaidi said...

Ive expected that so.These people are more concerned of getting all the programs done without thinking how much we have given and put efforts and time on it.
What, since day one of the school term and nobody dare to speak up a word, and more recent nobody resent upon getting tasks.'Macam kubao dicucuk idung'.Soon SAB teachers are turning into working human robots.I used to be the person who resent,with age catching up tak larat nak bercakap pun.

Whos looking 4wards for this weekend.Sulking.
No cheers bah.;-(

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

sigh Len, got to prepare the script this weekend..but actually i am quiet relieved that our head of dept is not in...tgk dia pun boleh stress..

lenzaidi said...

hahaha, but Ida shes more stressful.Her latest assignment is to head and look after Jamuan for Majlis RIMUP on monday.As usual she will be looking around for victims under the wings to do all those donk' works.There she will just delegate anyone in sight lol.

I heard she fell ( didnt know how she fell..) and hurt her knees.She Was given 3 days mc.

Zakiah just called me just now. Informing me of the impending 3 days course ' mengenal kepintaran dikalangan pelajar ' i have to attend.Didnt ask where and when.I was too sleepy to answer her.

tcare bah.

Val Aziz said...

hahahaha I'm enjoying ur kids antics so much..omg the things they pick up..