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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dear Readers,

So the big day is here again..I wish all of you, near or far, Eid Mubarak. May you'll be showered with Allah Almighty's blessings forever.

Now, I am not an angel. I might have said or done something that might have hurt you. I don't steal from others or lie to them, but I know that I have said (or written) some things that might hurt you. Well, I was just being honest to the contents of my heart..the truth is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

For the past few months, I have experienced a number of interesting (and dramatic) events that actually have given some impacts on my life. I regard them as precious lessons and guidelines that no teacher in this world could teach in any classroom. I just smile upon the challenges that I have to face.

I embrace the moments and memories with friends and strangers who have spent their precious time with me. Indeed, I have learnt so many things from the interactions. I regret that certain things have to be put to an end. Nothing kasts forever though.

So with this, I would like to wish all of you Eid Mubarak. It has been a pleasure having all of you in my life. Merci. Au Revoir.

Ida Hariati Hashim


Lyana Mauseth said...

my dear ida..remember everything that happens will make u wiser...and wise people always win in all situations...look at us, with all the experiences we have, we are as old as the pyramid haha...anyway, our old friend still buat kepala i serta jiwa i kacau..i don't know why...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Lyana,

The devil is doing his work now (bulan posa dah abis..heheh). Biasalah, the lure of the forbidden food..apa yang ditegah memang best punya..

I have made mistakes in my life, but I don't regret them as I learn from them.

I pun ada benda yang tak puas hati ngan orang yang tertentu ni sebab tetiba je carik pasal..pikir jugak pasal tu every now and then..if I could face to face ngan dia, or at least have another chance of knowing what actually happened, memang baguih la. Just to get things out of my system..But then, bila pikiaq balik..buat hapa nak susah diri, benda ni sekumit bijik sawi je, dik non oiii..baik pikr mcm mana nak maintain muda and how to jadik kaya lagi.

Many things in life ni we just have to let go, darling. Not worth of thinking thme so much, as they don't deserve it. Yeah, you may cherish the good moments together and keep all the secrets (even though the other party dah membuka pekung di dada). Keep the trust, for manusia yang ada nilai diri berpegang pada janji.

Relax Lyana..appreciate apa yang ada depan mata you. Remember, we are not like men, whose eyes tend to wonder even they are married to the best wives in the world! We don't need to seek outsiders' attention to know that we are appreciated. Take care love.