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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So What if I'm Stupid?

"As soon as you concern yourself with the 'good' and 'bad' of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weaken and defeat you."
Moriteru Ueshiba, founder of Aikido

Yesterday Sarah greeted me with tears in her eyes. In the car, she showed me a piece of paper, crumpled by the clutch of her dainty hand. There were scribbles of names on it, those were familiar names to me as so many times has she shared with me the daily happenings in school. Then, something caught my attention. At the bottom of the list, there was Pn. M's name, I knew Pn. M is one of Sarah's teachers.

"Mummy, these are the bad people in my class", Sarah said in between sobs.

"What's wrong, sayang?"

"A boy found a book under a classmate's desk. That was the book reported missing from the class' Library Box, then everybody started accusing me for taking the book", she said.

I was puzzled with her story, perhaps she was so consumed with anger and frustration that she too, was fuzzy with what actually happened.

Nevertheless, she proceeded. "Then when the teacher saw the book, she too started to call me a thief, she said I am 'panjang tangan'. Mummy, I did read the book but I did not take it. I returned it under the desk where I took it from. Now they accused me of being a thief. I am not a thief, mummy". Her sobs intensified.

Sarah is having her mid-term examination now. One of the reasons for my resignation from my job was actually to spend more time with her and Adam. You see, both of them are not in the best classes in school. In fact, both are in the last ones. At primary 2, Adam is still struggling to read and do Maths. Sarah is improving gradually. Slowly but surely, I hope.

They simply hate school. There are always unpleasant stories to tell about school, how one classmate simply broke Adam's newly bought coloured pencils into half, how some girls called Sarah 'amoi' or some other nasty names and also how a teacher pinched Sarah on the tummy for being mischievous.

I would listen to their stories in anticipation, I hope none of it would shatter the self-esteem already wobbly in them.

In spite of this, I could still tolerate all this mumbo jumbos as I believe these are parts and parcel of growing up. But, to have a teacher unceremoniously calling my child a thief in the presence of her peers was totally uncalled for. Thus, I decided to confront the Senior Assistants of the school. I demanded for an explanation from the school why such things must occur in a so-called good school. I wanted to know why must a young child endure such accusation from a teacher who spends more time with her while in school.

I know Sarah is one of the so many students the teacher has, and that my girl is probably one of those who do not preform well academically. Still, being a teacher, a rational and wise one, she should have never resorted to name calling like this.

The Senior Assistant for Students' Affairs was briefed of the whole affair by the teacher via phone. It seemed that the actual culprit had already been identified. Sarah was not guilty. So, I should be heading home happy now.

But that was not the case.

Firmly, I told the Madam that I was not trying to clear my daughter's name. If she was found guilty, then punish her accordingly. But what really upset me was when nasty names were thrown to my girl BEFORE she was even proven guilty. I understand how stressful it is being in this noble but strenuous profession, still a teacher must remain cool but wise when dealing with the students. I do not mind if a teacher scolds any of my kids, but please, never degreade their self-esteem and dignity especially before their peers. What is a person without his self-esteem? I believe I have to start building my kids' characters now, I am trying my best, so it is not fair for someone to just destroy it.

I believe I have made my point clear, for the Senior Assistant apologized on behalf of the teacher. I hope she would mention this during the monthly teachers' meeting. This is because I have observed that there are a number of teachers in the school who resort to name calling like this.

This is a total disgrace to the teaching profession. Why can't they be polite? Where are the good values that they have inculcated in the children? Didn't the teachers know when the kids come home, they would dramatize all the nasty things took place in school?

I am no traitor to this profession. I am just a disappointed parent who is very concern of my kids' wellbeing. I also hope no child in this world would have to endure such mental torture from adults who have been entrusted to nurture them, that includes parents and other family members too.

From my observation, our 'sopan santun' society is on the reverse mode as far as good values are concern. I am no Angel, but I will try my best not to hurt those around me, even though they are strangers. I am frustrated when one turns to nasty name calling during heated arguments. Why must we attack the personality of our adversary when the cause of the crisis is on some other issues? I wonder what sort of satisfaction one obtains from calling others bad names. So what if your opponent is stupid or selfish or insensitive, are you any better? If you are so perfect, then why could not you try to understand that God has created mankind with differences so that we would try to get to know and understand each other better (a point taken from the Holy Qur'an).

Just last night, in the heat of a 'debate' with my significant other, he exclaimed, "it is difficult to talk to someone who is stupid in budo (the Japanese Samurai code of conduct)", well I was not sure if he refered that to me alone as at that time we were also discussing on a group of our mutual friends too. Apparently he was unhappy about something but lacked the guts to voice them out to others, so I had to become his so-called 'punching bag'. Figuratively speaking.

Indeed, I am no expert in budo and I do not feel like an ass for not being interested in knowing about it too. I do not need a set of foreign rules to govern my life anyway. I could have opted to explode in anger due to his words, I could have resorted to personal attacks too. But he is NOT my teacher. If the guy has limitations in containing his anger or whatever evil feelings he has within, I do not want to give 'it' back to him. What is the point in succumbing yourself to a 'deformity' such as this? Technically speaking.

I trust in a fit of anger or frustration, one would turn to be animalistic. I, as the 'victim' of such impertinence must remain composed, for that will actually win over the whole arguement. I am not a submissive person. I am just not bothered by others' lack of good manners. People with different view and opinions about life react differently to things around them. One can be a motivational speaker, a diplomat, a teacher or a homemaker- all have a unique way of reacting to the events in their life.

I believe all the world's conflicts and crisis (especially in the marriage institution) could be solved if at least one party plays the sage when a conflict arises. It is good to just look at things in a different perspective before you respond to personality attacks like this. I understand it feels great to throw back those nasty words to your opponent and perhaps one feels superior too for calling others with nasty names. Malays would put this as "puas hati, I dah bantai dia balik". But then, is that what we are seeking for in this life, that is to satisfy our egoistic urge at the expense of others' grievances?

How lonely this heart will be if it is filled with the negativity of others. How are we going to embark on our journey to self-discovery if we ourselves are unable to contain the devilish side of us?

Good character building starts young. My kids might not be the most intelligent ones in school, but I trust they are worthy. I want them to be humans with that small portion of divinity that God has confered upon us. I want them to be kind to others not only by giving alms in material wealth, but in words and actions too. I want them to do me proud by upholding the good values, be it in public or in their private lives, no double standards. My children's conduct reflects my character. So, I have to start now, for my days are numbered.


Dad of 4+1 said...

I do not know how teachers are trained nowadays but from my observation generally the profession is full of angry people. I do not understand why they have to resort to negativities and fail to nurture these young persons to achieve their full potentials! The over-emphasis on academic excellence is stifling the holistic growth of each child, don't you think? My personal philosophy is that nothng matters as long as you know that your child has done his/her best - sod (for want of a better word) streaming process in school! Well done for standing up for your daughter's rights! You are definitely doing a good job as parents to your children. That teacher needs to be sent for retraining/counselling... ; )

Zendra said...

When your man is in a better mood, Ida, like after ahemmm, tell him sweetly that you do not appreciate being a punching-bag. Insya Allah he'll remember the next time.

The educating of teachers need a total re-vamp. Teachers need to be instilled into them that they have a very important role to play in moulding the minds of future generations of adults in this country. If children are coming out of schools with low self-esteem and psychologically scarred, what hope do we have when they take their place in society?

Ida, you are doing great with your kids, I'm sure they appreciate that you are home just for them.

:-D (two thumbs up)

Kama said...

First of all, I think you are a great mom for what you did. You did right by standing up to them. You did right by confronting the AP for an explanation. being accusative without proof isn't being fair to the child.

secondly, I am one of those who abhor the use of the word "stupid" especially when uttered (in any situation) by a spouse to describe his/her significant other. No, the husband or the wife is NEVER stupid. Unaware, unable to comprehend, misunderstand maybe; but NEVER stupid.

Never mind about the kids lagging behind. they will catch up eventually, with your love and devotion.

edelweiss said...

Dear Ida,

You are a gud mother to ur childrens. i salute you for confronting the school. That teacher must be sent for training again lah....

u take care dear.

mamasita said...

Firstly, you have to make sure your daughter's classmates are very aware that she was wrongly accused.The teacher concerned MUST rectify this mistake! Jangan nak apologise on behalf2 nya..budak tu dah dimalukan tak terkira.Cikgu yang call her names tu MUST say sorry to your daughter in front of her WHOLE class!

Secondly,train your kids to fight back!Never bagi sesiapa bully2 kalau boleh!Jangan bagi orang lukakan hati dia.Suruh dia ngadu kat you and you suggest kat dia what to do.Its not easy tapi lama2 your kids will become hardy!

And kalau lukahati dengan spouse punya words, simpan dalam hati and take revenge later! hehehe

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Poor Sarah. I hope she's ok now that she knows the real culprit has been caught.

Your children will catch up eventually, with you as their pillar. They'll shine. My kids for example are not in the A classes, but their results are getting better and better.

Sometimes we didn't mean what we've said... especially when talking to our partners. Tis the time to test our patience... and I believe you've passed the test :)

Take care dear.

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Ida

Budo? Bushido?

There is decay in every branch of the government, and unfortunately, this most precious investment, education, stands as amongst its worst victims. The inadequacies of one system are modified to spiral the system further into deeper inadequacy, all the while ignoring that many lives are involved, that of students who are wholly dependant on what the government provides and teachers, who would give their lives yet for the nurturing of young minds, but are milled into mediocrity due to political priorities. On the pretext of solving one problem, create another ten in its wake. As a soldier, I feel for you and teachers who serve to this day.

Truisms are enduring. Leadership by example cannot be obviated. Let's have a look at a possible reason why the rot is so deep seated, shall we?

Sometime ago, in the 80s there was rife indiscipline in the US forces. Insubordination, deriliction of duty, non-compliance to orders and all that you care to enumerate. There was soul-searching and interviews were conducted to get to the root cause of this sudden spread of indiscipline.

In those interviews, soldiers and airmen said that they saw no cause to walk the line when they had seen several top brass get away with indiscipline themselves. They knew of Generals and Colonels who had misappropriated funds, been involved in scams and mismanaged allocations and had gone without so much as a rap on their knuckles. Therefore, they found no motivation to rise above themselves and be good boys in uniform when their leadership was no better.

Even in units which operate on the basis of discipline, when leadership fails to exemplify discipline, the men who look up to you do not see the need to defend the thin red line.

It is only too easy to draw parallels between the US military study and the decadence we see here at home. Whilst our country's leadership brazenly displays such deplorable discipline, the sewage will trickle through every governmet arm and show up where decorum and good manners are not the culture but the exception of standalone individuals whose inner compasses put the electorate to shame, if the electorate has any.

Again, it doesn't take an angkasawan to figure this one out.

Anonymous said...

Sabar la Ida.. i believe ramai parents mengalaminya situasi mcm ni.

Tugas ibu bapa sememangnya berat
yang penting.. kita mesti rajin tanye ape berlaku kat skolah, break time makan ape... that simple borak actually kita ble rectify sikit2 utk anak2 kita.

Susah kalu anak2 kita dah start tak minat ke skolah...

Tak kisah la kalu anak kita tu bukan favourite student pd cikgu2 dia.. janji dia happy, have few friends to be with, got self-confidence, tak bg masalah pd org lain... i rase cukup dah.

Every kids have their own potential... we just have to look for it.. guide them and monitor it. InsyaAllah... all will be alrite!


Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Mr.Haq,

Tq for visiting..:)

I was a teacher, I believe the teachers are becoming more bitter and harsh nowadays due to the overwhelming work stress. This, I am sure is rooted from the over emphasis on academic excellence. Gone were the days when the true essence of good values is instilled in children. Nowadays, we are more concern on drilling our kids to memorise times table for maths or others.

Teachers are feeling the pinch too, for now the system demands so many programs and events to be carried out. The truth is that, sometimes teachers spend a short period of quality time with their students. Why? Because of the call of duty that require a bigger chunk of time and energy out of them. Thus, we have teachers who are mentally weary and so our kids will become the victims of their unkind words sometimes.

Sir, another reason why I quitted work because I was becoming harsh to those around me. I hate it when I was spikeful to people around me, but I could not help it as I was so so so pressured.

As for my new role as a full time mother to my kids, well Sir, I am trying my best. Sometimes I do feel disheartened due to the-not-so supportive people around me, Still I have to be strong for the sake of my kids...:)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


After ahemmm normally we would do a reflection on 'the show' we put up...:)..kihkihkih..

I pity him actually. He has a big problem in expressing his true feelings towards others, I mean he tries hard to be diplomatic, but in actual fact he has to be dishonest to what he actually feels inside. So if tak puas hati, he will either keep silence or share it with me, but then when I start giving him unsolicited advice, thus show that I am 'smarter', he becomes hostile.

Well, actually I dah lali dah..budo ke entah apa2 Japanese or Bugis or Rawa codes of conduct, won't stir me a bit...I tak rugi pun.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak Puteri,

I used to get agitated due to the kids' under performance in their studies. So now I am at home with them, I discovered that they are not stupid or slow learners. Anyway, if they are slow pun, I am sure there is a way to handle it.

I believe when a person has the 'lancangan' to utter such unkind words to others, it actually reflects on what kind of upbringing the person had. That is why I am very careful with my kids, I do not want any of these words to taint their minds and hearts. I do not want any one of them to 'maki hamun' orang lain, as nanti orang cakap anak I kurang ajar.

I ain't an Angel, but I believe harsh words could severe good ties between us. I hate losing a friend, that is why I will try to be careful.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Edelweiss,

I will surely confront if I tak puas hati, as I malas nak fikir2 lagi. but still kena diplomatic la..jgn p serang pulak..

U take care too, dear

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Datin,

My hubby sometimes encourages the kids to bantai balik sapa2 yag buli depa..:)

As for the teacher yg mulut lancang tu, I find there is no need to drag the issue memanjang2 as nanti yg jadi mangsa are my kids. You know la how manusia ni, if dia boleh kata mcm tu pada budak2, entah apa lagi yg dia boleh kata belakang kita, ye tak..still, if another problem arises, I will not hesitate to confront lagi.

I pun dulu cikgu, thus i understand la how some teachers memang mulut teror..Yeah la, the ugliness of her character reflects her upbringing and the kind of people she hangs around with..

Ni la padahnya jika mulut tak de insurans.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Just now Sarah was complaining about having to face the teacher tomorrow. You see how this has made an impact on the child.

I told her that the problem has been solved, I have made sure that the teacher won't harm her with unkind words again.

If my kids don't strife in academic, they can do other skills. I believe living skills are more vital. This world is all about the survival of the fittest..betul tak?

madam gold said...

Only teachers can understand teachers...you definitely do Ida.Yes, I agree with you that teachers are overwhelming stress with work that they sometimes forget that they are the role models.Afterall we are human.So, this teacher should come out and see you n your Sara personally to apologise.
People tend to praise yesteryear teachers but they forget to see the yesteryear workload.
I guess teachers nowdays have to be stronger mentally and JERY to meet the demands and expectation of not only workload but the society.
For those of you who are condemning teachers just remember teachers are human too,far from perfect,need to be reminded from time to time and the most difficult part is we are dealing with humans, coming from all walks of life.
I always remind myself that I am not a perfect parent so I dont expect my children's teachers to be '0 defect'.
To me parents play far more important role in intilling good values,nurturing and moulding them into better people.Dont put the blame totally on teachers!

Shahieda said...

YAY!! You're back!!

But not on a very good note, I gather. I'm so sorry that your daughter had to endure the embarrassment in front of everyone.

But you took a good stand & that has taught your daughter too, that she can do something about a hopeless situation. Hopeless to her, that is.

Children emulate their parents and you're doing a great job of rearing yours. Just continue setting the example :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ida,
I emphatize with your situation for I also have many schoolgoing children. It is very hard to swallow, at least for me, when we know that teachers in school sometimes impart 'not so good' moral values. Whenever such a situation arise, we (me and hubby) always counsel the kid that the teacher made a mistake and not because she is bad. We say the teacher must have some kind of problems which is why she/he is being nasty. The point is we parents need to point out what is wrong and at the same time not to undermine the teacher as a figure of respect for the kids. Normally, we always ask the kid whether it is ok for us to go to school to clear up the matter. If the kid says it is ok then only we go in the school. Most of the time, the kid will say, never mind, he/she will sort it out herself.

Silent Reader

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Major Jeffrey,

It is Budo, Bushido is a form of martial arts. All Japanese martial arts is governed by Budo.

Indeed, I agree with you sir, that the society is decaying i values due to the bad examples set by the Big Guns up there.

But one must not forget the power of the mass. The strength of the people (who uphold to good values) will definitely move the rotten big guns to at least be nice.

I personally believe everything starts from home. A person who is nasty in nature is the product of poor upbringing. Things get worse when he is made to cope with the rat race, hence becomes cranky and problematic.

Perhaps now the society has little faith in the good value system. Well, I perceive this as our fault, many think that we could only start to become serious with our spiritual needs when old age greets upon us. I am sure you are aware that many of us would willingly forgive a child for being naughty in actions and words. It is common that we would say "it is OK, she is still a child". I believe, by forgiving such misbehaviour would breed individual with bad character.

My two cents.

Have a great day, sir

lenzaidi said...

The principal of the school where im teaching, would listen more to the students and their parents than her own teachers.Worst she would not at any time listen to the teachers be it in the meeting or discussion.So teachers are kept on their toes as not to 'touch' the students pride or egos. Sound bad enough to you, isnt it. More to say about her personalities and impractical ideas.To say the least she is just the impossible ,the MOE had trained so far.

But things do occur.Just today i happened to blow my top and utter a word to a student. She did not complete her course work after given 2 months to prepare.At the same time im planning my works so that i can finish checking their works and be on time to hand in over to the JPWP zone PMR assessor. Time and other workloads at school arent doing justice to my threshold to stress.

Despite of my numerous briefing in classes and showing examples how to do the course work, this student just failed to hand in a satisfactory work.She did not even bother to come and see me and show her work.Her first draft was below standard while others produced a commendable effort.

Im prepared to be called by the principal at any time should this parent call in.

Im a mother/wife/sister / daughter / friend and teacher.I have my own weaknesses and strenghts too.Im also a human being. Laden with responsibilities and workloads which never cease to stop but to complete, i couldnt at times perform to my best abilities.

I know the word i uttered should not be uttered.At that point of uttering the word, i was fully aware of the repurcussion.I was also fully aware that the tone of my voice was slow and neverthless it is less hostile.The impact is not that hurtful, i pacify my guilts.Besides i have already warned the students that i want a completed piece of work, i have also told them that they should come and discuss with me should they have a problem. Im basically a good natured teacher. I like all my students disregards where they come from.

I hope more parents could come foward and help their children homeworks and overall education.I hope more parents could come forward to lend a hand to the school and offer helps wheverever is needed.

Educating our children should not be shouldered upon the teachers alone but the society at large. Parents should not be pointing fingers at teachers over a slight wrongs of the teacher.We are a surviving profession since in the memoriam of time. Waged with an income which surfaced before the next pay day, we shoulder the most difficult tasks of educating our children to be a better leader. I just feel that its time for the parents to understand the nature of the profession we are undertaking.

We do not ask much from you but a change to be just a listener, a guidance, a mediator, a counselor to your own children so that this may ease the children schoolworks and help them to excell in their studies thus present themselves well to the school.

Im a teacher,wife, mother, friend, tax payer.Im also fighting a hard battle like you.

tireless mom said...

Dear Ida

Thank Goodness the culprit has been identified. You must explain it clearly to Sarah on this whole episode takut nanti she feel inferior and guilty pulak. I respect you for resigning from your noble job in order to pay more attention to your children. I am sure they will make you proud one day. Being a wholesome person is not about achieving good grades only. It is more than that. It reflects also the values that we carry with us.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Madam Gold,

I can feel you. Unfortunately, in reality, the society still blames us. If only they could be in our shoes..Madam, did u notice? I still use 'us'..:). I love teaching, but i hate doing the nonsense that they are making us do.

Selamat Hari Guru, Puan..teruskan perjuangan murni ini..:)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Shahieda,

Yes I am back..I could not stay way frm u guys long..i really miss having all of u around.

I am trying my best for my kids, i am sure you know what a struggle it is..

U take care, dear

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear LadyD,

I was unhappy initally, rasa nak serang je cikgu tu, but then I fikir, what is the point nak marah2..so ungraceful, kita kena byk sabar. Still I feel I should demand an explanation from the school..parents kena tunjuk firm ,but bukan sombong pada teachers sbb anak2 kita will be at their mercy..

Tq for dropping by, madam..do come visit us again here..

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Ida

Thanks for the enlightenment.

The taste of shoe polish tells me that I was a bit bodo myself.


rOse said...

Sis Ida,

Im enjoying myself reading this entry. Def will remember this when the time has come. Anyway.. i have 2 girls around and I teached them how to be firm and fighting back. Just for their safety in future.

Luv the songs..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Silent Reader,

Tq for visiting...:)

I believe you are on the right track. Yes, it is wise not to degrade the teachers of your kids. We must maintain the respect for all teachers.

There are things happened in the school that parents ought to interfere. In my case, I believe it is crucial for me to approach the school as the teacher has accused and verbally abused my girl. I just hope none of this would occur again..

You have a great day ahead, madam.

Kwong said...

Well Cikgu,
U make a very wise decision to be full time with your kids and helping them thru their everyday lives..A sacrifice where money can't buy. Your comments about name callings reminds me some influential political party condorning the the acts of the Mat Rempits. I fully agree with you that no person is perfect and everybody learn thru mistakes. But you stand by your child where she is innocent is not to show that you are proud or boastful. It should be that way and for that matter, any other parents would do the same when she/ he needs your help. A teacher's profession is always seem noble. Atleast you have pointed out her mistakes and hope she should take it her stride to improve. You are a great teacher and now a great parents too. Keep it up, standup for your rights, cikgu

QM said...

A big NO to call names in public. Humiliation is a big thing for kids that age. Kesian Sarah.

Aliya just got her mid terms back and maths dapat 70 while science got 94. Tak tau la salah kat mana - she needs to memories her tables, go tru division and read the time properly, so kena paksa rela ikut time table I have allocated for her during the school holidays. Letih but its a calling I have to answer.

I'm busy this holiday giving my Aliya "summer classes" for maths. Fuuuhh wonder how yours will be Ida

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Len,

I understand how u feel. There was a time when I felt like kicking the behind of this one very problematic student. In fact, I told him so, only after telling him of his faults.

I believe it is OK to scold your students. We do it because we care. I tell ya, the kids will be doomed if the teachers takes no actions to problems like this...imagine having a teacher who does not reprimand you at all, be it how naughty and nasty you are..

I believe it is fair for a teacher to scold her students after explanation of the offence has been done. But, it is unfair and unwise for a teacher to accuse and verbally abuse a child because she is proven guilty. By the way, we are talking about a teacher who has attacked the self-esteem of a child who is merely 9 years old. Don't you think, even being under stress or whatever, the teacher should at least mind her language?

Yes, I understand the teachers are bogged down by workload. It is worst if one is working in a school with bosses who are like "kuku besi". Still, I believe one should be very very careful when scolding or reprimanding. Try to avoid personal attacks such as "you are lazy". Yes, the child is lazy, so what can we do about it? I am sure the teachers would not appreciate it if their superiors call them with such downgrading names.

I wish you all the best, Len. I was so under pressure back then, thus I opted to set myself free. I was not willing to surrender myself to such life again, when even that little space I have for my family is trepassed.

That place is like a pressure cooker. I could see total exhaustion in the eyes of the teachers. Now is it fair for the society to demand too much from the teachers? Teachers are not robots.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear TM,

Sarah does have a low self-esteem. I think she does not enjoy schooling la. She tends to day dream..i am trying to understand her actually..

Now she knows that i am not working, thus keeps on bugging me to homeschool her. I wanted to actually, but then suddenly other business commitments crop up, so I don't think i can cope, takut if i sia-siakan dia pulak..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Major Jeffrey,

..:). Just to show you how 'sick' I could be sometimes, honestly, I used to taste a pinch of shoe polish..crazy, uh. At least now I know how horrible it tastes. Literally speaking.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear R0se,

Tq for visiting.

I am teaching them to stand firm for what they believe in, but at the same time, be tactful to others...

Glad you like the songs..:)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


You guys at the PIB are really inspiring. Your kids are lucky to have such concerned parents, anytime willing to turun padang at the school..

Have a great day ahead sir

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Farah,

Baguih la you..my kids punya performance I hope boleh improve la this time..ni i baru nak take over ni, so a lot of adjustments to be done..

I wish you all the best with the "summer drill"..hey jgn drill dia sgt, take it easy, OK..:)

lenzaidi said...

I would like to give a round of applause to Mr kwong and PIBs for showing up at school functions and concerns. Now that leave us with PIGs lol.I have no idea how on earth have they decided upon the acronym when it has been the parents teachers association(PIBG). anyway, this school PIB is strong in a way they are concerned over the welfare of their children. They have become the 'cheque master' with school events needing money ;-).

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Len,

We are lucky to have a PIB which understands our problems.

Oh yes, where were you last night? Too bad you've missed the dinner. I thought I could see you last night..Oh yes, your name was called for the lucky draw, you know...:)

lenzaidi said...

Ida, ive been very lucky through out the year in the event of lucky draw feasting teacher's day and year end party.Kasi orang lain chance lagi lah.Semua orang dapat apa ?I got one lucky draw of 2 nights at one of the resorts in PD.The second time around i won a rm100 voucher shopping at JJ. Ok lah tu for fun and amuse.

Yes i heard you came in RED KEBAYA as in Vanida Imran's RED kEBAYA. You are still hawt baby!!.;-)As for now and on i can relax and sleep in a bit.Goash how i look forward to this hols. Take care Ida.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Alamak Len, malu bah sia..now people would think that I looked as good Vanida Imran in that red number. Pls la, jauh panggang dari api, Wan Rosna cakap I've gained weight..:)

You have a great hols ahead..Go destress, sia mau pulang Sandakan this 9th June.

lenzaidi said...

Not too bad ahh u punya sabah dialek.Bah pigi lah sandakan main sama itu kerabau!hehe. Beli udang kering,ikan masin banyak banyak. tulur punyu ;-)
Itu Kapten orang sabah kah?

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Len,

Kapten mana bah? Itu Major Jeffrey ka? Ya bah, now he is stationed in Labuan. Nuri Pilot gitew..

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Ida

Did you really have a swipe at shoe polish? I had to stop myself from gasping out loud!

Just for academics, the technique is spit on polish, not polish on spit ;P

Good luck with your future shoe shine endeavours.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Yup Major..i was just curious. Well, just a pinch anyway, didn't hurt me..:)

Hmmm..reminds me, it has been ages since the last time i polished my hubby's shoes. OK, off I go now..no worries, won't attempt the silly 'food tasting again'!

Lyana Mauseth said...

sian sarah...cannot imagine lah how dia berdepan dgn benda ni kan...

odin and emil are going to kindergaten next week..i am worried lah since ank2 i ni mana pernah join group besar2 ni....i takut depa kena buli...odin is so sensitive while emil ni angin skit kalau kena buli, he fights back but odin ni nangis je lah...risau k...

how's ben?? sian dia...

madam gold said...

Hi Ida!
How are you these days?Really miss your interesting posts?
When re you making a comeback?Hopefull soon...
Take care!

Penjejak said...

You are good writer,you can express well in your writing.I just view your writing in other perspective. Keep it up.

yee seen said...

teacher, do you still remember me? haha.

there was an incident that happened in 2007 and you were teaching moral for the form 3 students. i was one of them. chiew teng was my classmate then and she claimed to have forgotten to bring her notebook. then you just accused her of lying and that she didnt do her work and just came up with an excuse. and she said "no teacher i didnt lie" in a very disturbed tone.

chiew teng was very well known for being an organized and hardworking student who hands in all her homework on time. she didnt deserve that and she must have felt terrible. we all forget to bring our books to school once in a while you know.

you didnt have any prove that she was lying at that time and yet you accused her and degraded her in front of her peers.

sorry teacher i do not mean to be rude or to raise controversy here but you did this to your students as well. i wonder what this had done to their self esteem and their parent's effort in character building.

but yea, we do understand that being a teacher is a very challenging job. we still respect and honor you as our teacher. we missed you lots since you left SAB.

take care Pn Ida.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Yee Seen,

Hi, tq for visiting.

Yes, I can still recall the incident. I could also remember how disappointed I was at that time when Chiew Teng informed me about her book. But it is all fuzzy now if she lost it or left it at home, I believe she said she lost it, that disappointed me tremendously.

I knew Chiew Teng's quality of work. Yes, I do understand that kids forget to bring their books once in awhile. I did not accuse her of lying, I believe I asked her if she WAS lying, and I said "Don't Lie..", I believe I did not call her a liar. You see the difference between asking if a person is lying and calling him a liar? I believe I never attacked Chiew Teng's personality by calling her a liar. I was angry with her failure to hand in the book on time, not with her as a person. Well, Yee Seen, you will see this clearly as you experience life as experience makes a person wiser.

You see, we all hate to witness our friends being scolded or punished in our presence. It is common that we will hate the person who is as if inflicting harm upon our friends. But little did we understand the moral underlying in the incident. Would you feel better if I reprimanded Chiew Teng in a secluded place in which she would have to face the pain alone?

Now who are you protecting, your pride that has been marred by witnessing such incident or Chiew Teng's. I wonder, if you knew she was an organised worker, why didn't anyone of you back her up later by at least explaining to me (after class) of the true picture? I have had students and their alibi or 'supporters' approaching me after class, just to explain themselves and I did not mind that. Besides, I believe you know of my friendly approach to the students in general.

Yes, teaching is a very challenging job. It is not easy to deal with this ever so demanding job but at the same time keeping the cool in you. It is unhealthy sometimes, that is why I quit. I am just too proud to stay on with this whole juggling thing in my life.

I had faith in Chiew Teng, loved her handwriting and all, thus it disappointed me tremendously when one of my best girls simply forgot about my lesson on that day.

I have my shortcomings. I am not perfect. To err is human. I hope you kids could understand the intense pressure all SAB teachers are shouldering, have mercy in them. They might have screamed at the students, but I do not believe they aim to insult anyone of the kids, or worst to hurt the self-esteem. Most of the time we are angry at the offences that the students committed, not at them as individuals. As you become seasoned with life, you'll understand this.

Say 'hi' to the rest of the Debating Team for me. Take care.