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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Plight of a Soon to be Desperate Housewife

Such a dramatic weekend it had been. I succumbed myself to virtual chatting, shopped for more books (bought 5 classics), felt desperately in need to go somewhere where the Sun don't shine, went groccery shopping but forgot to buy rice and eggs, duh! so we had to spend the rest of the Sunday practically 'riceless' and of course, again, I gave myself in for another long hours of online chatting. Yeah, you can say that last weekend, basically I did nothing productive.

Hey wait, I believe I have produced a new set of dark rings under my eyes. So much for staying up till late!

So, last night I decided to retire to bed earlier than usual, I think it was about at 12.03am.

But then later, a strange scent robbed me of my peaceful slumber. I startled and saw hubby was standing at the foot of the bed. The fragrance of other woman was clinging on him.

"Oh hi, you are back. What's with this smell?", said I drowsingly. I knew that was not a proper way to welcome your significant other, especially after a few days of being abroad. Well, could not help it, I was just curious.

"Oh..I was testing on some perfumes at the airport. I bought one for you."

Instantly, I gauged the period of the journey, the distance and all other possibilities. Hmm..Brunei is less than five hours' journey, so there was a possibilty that the frangrance could still linger around him, anyway, I saw the strips of testers in his passport on the dresser.


"OK, thanks, dear", then I went back to sleep. A woman could be half asleep, but when this kind of doubt pops up, she needs to be swift in looking for the bits to complete the puzzle.

I woke up feeling refreshed, ahh.. at last I had him in my arms, all to myself, the kids were sleeping in their rooms, or else they will be sharing the bed with us.

I remembered the new perfume he bought for me, hmm..not the one I requested, though, still I am thankful. Tested it on my wrist, I wondered why I could spray it on me effortlessly, I mean one needs to press on the nozzle of a brand new bottle of perfume a few times before the frangrance is sprayed on you. That has been scientifically studied, it is not an old housewives' tale. Well, saw the plastic wrapper has been tampered on. As if he could read my mind, willingly he explained that he had it checked before purchasing. Alright, quality control cleared.

Due to my decision to surrender to non-productivity over the weekends, I had to iron his shirt this morning. I knew he did not appreciate this, for he was in a hurry to leave for work. Realising it was my fault, I tried to cover up by declaring, "Sayang, I was not sure of the colour you are going to wear for today, please pick your choice, I will have it ready in a jiffy", I punctuated it with the loveliest fresh-from-the-slumber smile that any woman could give.

At that instant actually, I was holding his white easy-to-iron shirt in my hand. He saw the cue, so he replied, "White". Obviously he would choose that, he wears white every Monday anyway. I was just playing dump as I was feeling guilty for my laziness during the weekends.

I had a medium sized bar of dark chocolate for breakfast just now. Well, that was the desert, I stuffed myself with two bowls of fried vermicelli before that. It was yesterday's dinner actually, I had it reheated. Perhaps the only healthy thing I consumed this morning was a big mug of warm weak Japanese tea. I love tea. I will start a collection of various types of tea leaves one day in near future. KIV.

Well, here I am typing this story of me being a bum. Sorry, I took away your precious time reading this. Perhaps it is one of them days when I simply prefer to do nothing at all. Just chilling at home. Pondering. Contemplating. (Yawn..)

Guess, I better take a break from the virtual world for some time. I haven't a clue anything good to write on. I do not want to bore you with the same old story about my unresolved quarter life crises. Dah tak de modal dah ni.

Folks, I am taking a break. I need to do a lot of readings. The newly bought books are waiting for me to do justice to them. I will try to abstain myself from the Net for some period of time, see how it goes, hopefully I would be able to do some soul searching without the influence of the 'virtual happiness'.

This is the plight of a soon to be desperate housewife. Just need to find myself before it is too late. I will come back to blogsphere when I have better things to share with the rest of you..:)

So God bless everybody, take care..I'm out.


mamasita said...

Hai Ida..bila a wife is so in love with the husband, she does all the things that you've done..its okay.

But it is not a gurantee that he won't stray or keluar dengan perempuan lain later.Learn from me..so you jangan overworry or peduli sangat..you must continue to make yourself gorgeous.Biar dia yang risau sokmo k?

Love you and take care..come back to us quickly! You'll definitely be missed!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Datin,

Now I dah tak berapa worry actually as straying away is not a wife's problem alone, husbands pun worry kot wife boleh stray...hahaha.

Tq Datin, let me do some reflections on my life first, baca - baca buku sikit, try new recipes, jaga my centre, p kuruih kat badan, tutor my kids and lain-lain, if ada ilham baik punya i'll share with you guys, ye.

Harap umur I panjang le...:)

MrsNordin said...

You are definitely bored... :) Cheer up now!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hmm..I wanted to use that word, but tried not too..well, at least I have time to codify the books at home, though.

You take care, madam.

Desert Rose said...

Ida dear,

Net free for how many days approximately????? Better dont, u r gonna be missed terribaly, just limit ur time k

edelweiss said...


U'll be missed ... come back quickly ya.

SkyJuice said...

Have a good break, Ida. I'll continue with my reading and movie marathon shortly. :-)

Kwong said...

Hahaha.... ingat tak de masa, tapi bila dah mula baca, syok pula sampai ke penghujung.... I like the part the sixth or seventh sense of a woman... memang real U, hahaha

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida, go get your batteries recharged.
You got a good hubby there. Good man.
Have fun with your books, Lee.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Dessert Rose,

If am missing in action pun, Lyana tetap I contact, she is my confidante, so mesti i boleh berkiriman salam pada u through dia kan..:)

Dear Edelweiss,

I nak p recharge battery sat, but i akan mai jenguk ur blog, ok.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


I love reading ur movie reviews..tq for sharing. U take care, alright. See u again.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Mr. Kwong,

I think dalam geng PIB, u la yg paling IT savvy, siap boleh blog hopping ke sini lagi...hahaha

Well, let me take a rest first. takut if mcm2 dlm kepala nanti tak boleh deliver the best for this blog. Kesian nanti kat u all dtg sini buang masa pulak..:)

U take care, ok..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Yes, hubby is a great man, only he sleeps early...hahahha

Yes, my biological batteries need recharging. Further, I am trying to stabilize myself now..will be back soon.

U take care, sir..

Shahieda said...

Have a good rest & happy reading dear, don't stay away too long ok. I shall miss you :)

Did I mention that I visit your blog to listen to Anuar Zain croon?? Hubba, hubba!!

madam gold said...

Dont stay away too long Ida.I surely going to miss your post.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Shahieda and Madam Gold,

I am truly honoured to have you lovely ladies around..:)

I'll come back when I am ready..pls take care

Kak Teh said...

Ida,just got back from gallavanting around Holland but by the time I come back from traipsing all around Paris and beyond, you had better come back ablogging,okay?

sherry said...

Hi Ida.

Jangan cuti lama-lama sangat ye..

tireless mom said...

Hi Ida

Rest well and rejuvenate when you return. I know you will amaze us with more wonderful stories of a desperate but definitely gorgeous housewife.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ida,
I'll miss reading your postings. Alahai... rehat jap je ok?

Take care & come back soon!

DrSam said...

even though I didn't leave much comment on your blog, just to let you know I enjoyed reading every piece of it.

Have a nice rest and do write again if everything settled down.

Kwong said...

Hi Cikgu,

Hahaha.... I wish that I have more time... I always find that time is precious and yet demanding...
I still wish that I hv more time so I can do more things.....
Have a gud rest & recharged....

Kwong said...

Selamat malam Cikgu,

Today I finally find the time to update mine & go thru all ur comments, interesting...So hopefully to see U soon...

Tke gud care..Cikgu

Kwong said...

Selamat malam Cikgu,

Today I finally find the time to update mine & go thru all ur comments, interesting...So hopefully to see U soon...

Tke gud care..Cikgu

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear friends,

Thanx so much for dropping by. Yes, I need some time to recharge my batteries.

FYI, during the week break, I have been reading, knitting, gradening, baking and in some days, just "sitting still" at home..:)

I wish all of you well and may everything goes according to what has been planned..:)

madam gold said...

Dear Ida,
It must be heavenly to just knit,read,garden,bake and sit.Those are actually the traditional roles of ours.Forget the rat race world.Wish I could do the same thing!
Enjoy your days...