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Monday, March 30, 2009

Must Have Title Ka?

No no no..I am not going to babble much this time. Will try to make it short and sweet.

I spoke to my pillow before going to bed last night, tapping on it gently and reminding it to wake me up at 4.30am the next morning for I had to complete marking some exam scripts. Both of my phones are not working, could not charge the batteries, perhaps because of the chargers. Hubby is away in Sabah attending the funeral of his Nenek. So, in other words, I had no alarm clock to wake me up, thus made a pact with my pillow. (Call me a weirdo, but the results have always been satisfactory.)

So, at about 4.45am this morning, my loyal friend woke me up, but too bad I did not get to complete my work as I had to prepare the kids. If only hubby was around, at least he could help out with combing of Adam's hair et cetera. I usually take extra time applying different types of creams for different areas of the face. Then comes the concealer, foundation and powder. I will try to paint my face so that I will look natural..hahahha..Try to figure that out.

Then, it was time to leave. Suddenly, I realized I left my Nano Can on the kitchen counter. For your information, since the day I discovered what this Nano Can can do to me, to my skin escpecially, I have decided to only drink, clean and bathe the water from the can. Strange but true. I am so vain, I know that.

So I went back upstairs to claim my treasure, it was already 6.45 am.

When I was driving, I realized that the car was not being her usually self. Perhaps she was telling me that, "Hey madam, have the courtesy of warming up the engine for few minutes la..".

As I was driving, I saw a sign blinking near the speedo metre, goodness, so I reached for the manual. Yeah, I was driving and at the same time trying to read the manuals, if only my phones were working, perhaps I could report this to my hubby. But I had to burst my bubbles, it was just me and the kids in the car, with that thing blinking and strange sound coming from the engine.

I drove with great caution. I would usually speed. Hubby has several times warned me about speeding, as honestly, I am still a 'P' driver..hahha. But I know I am a skillful 'P'.

Sent the kids, stuck in the jam just few metres away from school, with that thing blinking on the speedo metre and the unusual sound coming from the engine. Oh yes, I realised that the temperature was near half too.

At last, I arrived school at 7.22am. I was 2 minutes late. Dang!

The moment I arrived school, realising there are still so many things yet to be accomplished, I panicked. But firstly, I had to seek a second opinion from a colleague about the strange happenings of my car.

Affendi was very helpful, he said it is common for the temperature to be of 4 bars in continental cars. Now about the sign, according to the manual, it had something to do with the gear..oh my God, I can see Ringgit notes flapping their wings away from my hubby's pockets..not mine, ok..I do not have pockets.

So I should send her to the service center. I mean, hubby should, not me.

Then, I realised that I have not taken my breakfast, but too bad, no time as the lesson was about to start in 5 minutes. I had to rush to the class but suddenly I became lightheaded, then 'kedebab', I collapsed. Luckily I gained conscious seconds after that. My knees and palms were scratched, but my pride was injured..shoot man, punya maintain graceful suddenly boleh jatuh. I bet I fell down with style. Embarrassed, I told an onlooker that I was suppose to be on an MC, pretending not fit to work la, thus 'fainted'.

By 1.30pm, I have managed to settle some task, but there are more still on KIV. Suddenly, I realised that I had to pick up the kids from school, their school ends at 1.00pm. I was late! Rushed to the car, pressed the remote to unlock, but there was no sound. "You silly French girl, don't try to fool me!", I said. I failed to open the door.

Took the cab to fetch Sarah and Adam, arrived at 5 minutes to 2.00pm. The kids were starving. Poor kids. I had to let them play on my school ground for I had to attend to a meeting.

A friend managed to open the door to my car, but could not start the car. Then a student came up to tell me that my headlights were on. Hence, the car had to 'sleep' at my school as the battery 'dah kong'. Well, this is not the first time for her to have a sleepover here as about a month ago, I have missplaced my car keys, so took a cab home. I was understress at that time.

So I decided to take a cab to KL Sentral, where hubby parked his car before leaving on the jet plane to Sandakan, Sabah early Sunday morning.

If anyone of you today, saw a lady holding 3 bags and a plastic bag loaded with frozen kuih pau and cucur badak, with 2 kids in tow, flagging a cab, in front of SMKAB, situated on the ever so busy Jalan Kampung Pandan, well that was me and the kids.

Ah..at last, after twice taking the wrong elevator to the parking lot in KL Sentral, I have found my hubby's car. I have expected for the fees to be near RM60, yeah I was right. It cost us RM56.40. Nevermind, at least now we had wheels to go home.

Driving his car was challenging, as I am used to driving mine. Mine is French and his is Korean, thus the signals and wipers are on different sides, his is lighter while mine is the opposite, but his sound system is better, of course.

Arrived home safely. Ah at last, what a day! Took cold shower, scrubbed myself..home sweet home.

As I was about to perform my solat, suddenly I heard a loud ringing..Goodness, the smoke alarm went off. The maid and Sarah were frying some beef patties, there was smoke in the living room, Didi, my youngest was disturbed by it and she was wailling. Imagine the chaos. I found the alarm, but did not have a clue on how to shut it off. I had to think and act fast before the security calls the fire department. So took a ladder, reached out for it, and dismantled it.

Luckily we decided not to install sprinklers.

P/S: Gosh, broke my word. I have written a long winded entry. Sorry, cannot help it.


Salt N Turmeric said...

ala kesiannya Ida. I cannot imagine what I would do in that situation. But I guess thts why i hardly go out on my own here. Unless i have the car of course.

Im sure it was really stressful when it happened but now dah jadi funny kot? ;)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

HI Farina,

Begitulah al-kisahnya. Told my hubby, I said he dah biasa dgn benda2 merapu from me ni, but the part I jatuh tu dia concern la.

To reflect on it, it has ceased to be a series of stressful events, rather funny la pulak.

P/S: The pau and cucur badak sedap giler, so worth the trouble of carrying them macam makcik nak p niaga kuih :)

Desert Rose said...


Penatnye dengar cite u ni... but that's life as a mom. I pun mcm org gila over d weekends, hubby is damn busy with his function & mil,sil, makcik pakcik DIA came over to send MIL,SIL,BIL & Aunt for umrah. Some stay kat hotel nearby, some lodging kat my house. And i terkejar sana sini to accomodate them.Me alone tau, tetiba rasa sungguh solehah.

I tak bleh bayangkan makcik vogue heret anak2 sambil bawak cucuq badak, i would stop and buy all her cucuq ha haha

p/s : Yess i've found my pair or weirdo, i pun talk to my pillow but didahulukan ngan bismillah 3 x, never failed me yet as my hp would sometimes.

Lain kali jatuh, purak2 pengsan terusss

MrsNordin said...

Sorry to hear about the fiasco. What a day... Hope it's better today. Cheers!

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Ida

I hope you were dressed in slacks when you fainted in school. But I supoose your future is not in jeopardy since you are not a Pakatan Rakyat MP.

Welcome to the world of hypoglycaemia. Pilots never fly without breakfast because of that, so you now know how careful we are about preventing hypoglycaemia. Just look at my girth and everything is QED.

I will assure you though, that so far the IFE has not yet found a way to marry smoke detectors to sprinklers, and Hollywood has the world duped on this in the movies. A fire has got to get the fluid in the bulb holding back the water in the pipes to expand enough to break for the cascade to start and sprinkler to work. So rest easy that installing sprinklers would not have harmed you anyway, but the water damage in a domestic area may have been extensive if such were the case. Yes, this is trivia. But it's a 'hmmmm!!' kind of trivia.

Hubby is from East huh?? Magical people these. I am forever in love with the place, hence the voluntary second posting to Labuan. Have you seen the mountain? Isn't it just OMG??!!

From this blogpost it seems evident to me that you should adopt some hobbit rituals: breakfast, second breakfast, luncheons, afternoon teas, dinners, suppers, you know about them don't you?

Tranquility said...

Time to hire a driver..

No I didn't mean Jason Statham from 'the transporter'

lenzaidi said...

Hahahhaha.And that seem to be a valid reason for not seeing your face at the staffroom today.WHos looking for Ida?, the model teacher whom will be missing in action soon from school.

I cant imagine you would be this clumsy dahlin.;-)You must have missed your other half.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Mawar di Gurun..hahhaha..

u talk to ur pillow too? Good la, now I know I am not alone..

The cucuq badak is very nice, after the smoke detector incident, I gobbled 4 of them..then I had 2 red bean pau..hahah...puas hati i.

I tak leh pura2 pengsan, sebab tempat tu berselut, nanti kotor baju..kita pengsan pun kena maintain vogue apa, tempat kena sesuai..hahha

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear MrsN,

Today I am on MC, went to see my ophthalmologist at APSH due to eye infection. Tu la so vain asyik pakai lenses, now my eyes cannot take it..

So now waiting fro green light for LASIK, but on a whole, I am OK now, tq madam

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Howdy Major Sir,

No, I was not in a pair of slacks yesterday. In fact, I believe the cut of the skirt I was wearing yesterday contributed to the instability of my balance. Oh yes, the heels too made me off balance.

I don't usually skip breakfast, but yesterday was a hectic day. Only had my proper meal at 1.30pm..No, am not doing this for vanity's sake. it was unintentionally, there are so many things to be done.

Yes, hubby is a Kadazan from Sandakan. I am looking forward to moving there, so things to be done.

Yeah I saw the mount already, took some pics, lucky for me as I have been told that it will sometimes hide itself especially during near dusk.

But..I did not enjoy the 6 hours journey from KK to Sandakan..the ravines look scary, why can they build proper highways?

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Dr. John,

Hire a driver? I believe when I resign this mid April, I will be the driver for the family...hahha..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Len,

Did u see my black wagon parked behind Rasidah's house near Block E? Poor thing.

I was on MC today, eyes still have problems la..the doc has banned me from donning lenses, but waht to do, I am definitely not going outta the house in these goggles..

I have been lepaking at Shahbuddin's office la..u all niss i ke? hahah

P/S: Lega our spending spree for niche is over, for now...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida Hariati, ha ha, Talk about a hectic day...regret read of your fall. Hope not hurt bad?
Wow, you can do pillow talk, huh?
And I thought....ha ha, never mind.

As for me I wake at 6am, fool around with my Apple, at 7.30am wake my isteri, she ada kerjah, 7.30 make breakfast for her, 8.30 send her to work, petang fetch her home.

But fortunately not kelang kabote like your schedule, ha ha.
French car? Must be a Peugeot? None here in Canada...they prefer French women, not cars, ha ha.
You take it easy Ida, Lee.
ps, love your new profile, and that jacket....

edelweiss said...

Hi there,

wow! u survived the day kan...

bab u jatuh tuh...u jatuh kedebuk mcm nangka atau ala-ala gimrama? [pinjam ayat my hubby masa i jatuh dulu - kalau i cakap nangka...dia betul-2 bimbang, tapi kalau gimrama...dia boleh relax lah lagi..sbb gimrama ala-ala span santun dan perlahan jatuhnya hehehe]....

i punya french girl pun giving me problem sekarang nih.... dah masuk kali ke dua $$$$$$$ melayang!!!!!elok jer i parked kat umah...mangsa i ialah malaysian girl yang cute itu!kehulu kehilir...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Lee,

Tq for your concern, now ok la..just now i revisited the place where i fell down..hahah, now more carefull.

Hahah..u are so kind to ur wife, she is so lucky.

Mine is Renault wagon, enough to accommodate my troop..hahha

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Edelweiss..edelweiss every morning u greet me...(tetiba pulak nyanyi Edelweiss from the Sound of Music).

U pun pernah jatuh..sakitkan bila dah 'dewasa' (tak mau guna the word tua..)kalau jatuh. No I jatuh bukan gaya gimrama, but freestyle, knees first.

Ni my car still at school, today my hubby nak bwk Renault service centre foreman to dtg tgk..entah berapa kena pow duit ni,..hahha

Keta Malaysia pun OK apa, cuma i rasa mahal la interest rate dia..

P/S: who is in the pic? cute la..u x blog ke?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida Hariati, a Renault wagon? Hmmm, never seen that. I must Google see how it looks like?
Its funny here, French is second lingo, and yet no French cars...French women ada, ha ha.
You stay easy Ida, and watch your step....I'm not there to catch you, ha ha. Lee.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salut Lee,

Si le français est le deuxième patois, cela signifie que vous parlez la langue. Mon français est mauvais, mais faisant pour apprendre plus de la langue.

Avoir un grand jour en avant, je dormirai.

Hahaha..mau show off sikit la..:)


madam gold said...

Though you fell,fainted etc.. etc , I still think you are one superwoman Ida!
I was laughing while reading this post,and my kid thought there was something wrong with me..
Only a mom can understand a mom..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hello Madam Gold,

It is so kind of you to drop by. I know, as a mom you too have survived a hectic day like this.

Have a great weekend, madam..

mrs hafiidz nadia said...

Dear kak ida (err..ok ke panggil akak??),

You put a smile on my face today..yeah,baca citer you memang macam penat,tapi ada part yang kelakar2 comel gitu..heheh..tak sangka akak seorang yang agak clumsy.. :)

edelweiss said...

Hi ida,

i pun sukeeee cite sound of music & lagu edelweiss tuh..[now u know lah y edelweiss]

Kete malaysia i tuh dah lama...mmg i tak jual sbb sayang. She's my saviour bila french girl buat hal.

Dalam pic tuh my girl :). thanx for the compliment. I nih ada blog tapi tak der content ! [boleh camtuh??]... insyallah akan datang...will let u know. Keep posting, i like ur blog...heheh

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


I bila banyak benda on my mind memang jadik kelam-kabut, especially when it is concerning my kids..

But I never have regrets for all the mistakes I've done, as I regard them as valuable lessons in life.

I am glad that I managed to take things on my own, tak harapkan sesiapa..

U take care, dear.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


I am big fan of musicals.

My car is still under warranty (ends 7 April ni), so dapat new dry cell..hahahha..ada hikmah, if not dapat battery biasa je.

U take care, dear :)

Uncle Lee said...

Salut IDA Hariati, je te suis vraiment impressionné parle et écris français. Wouah ! Exceptionnel ! Où apprenez-vous votre français ? L'Europe ? Paris ?

J'ai pris le dos allemand et français de manière en 1962 en Angleterre, mais ai oublié, me rappelle juste importer.

Quoi qu'il en soit, vous sure une bonne dame, ma sorte, sans compter très attrayante aussi. Vous restez beau et avez l'amusement.
Ayez un week-end plaisant. Les souvenirs, Lee.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Bonjour Lee,

My French is atrocious. I was just showing off, la...hahahha.

I used the help of an English - French dictionary, that is why it is deformed.

Anyway, I have to several places, stayed there for a couple of years, picked up the language a bit..

U have a great weekend, Lee

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida, love people like you, ha ha...never a dull moment if you know what I mean.
You add lemon grass or mint leave and we get a beautiful scent.

Would have loved having someone like you at Telok Bahang, or on a round an Island drive, *wink*...
always loved interesting people.
You stay yourself and have a pleasant weekend.
Vaya con dios, Lee.

tireless mom said...

Hi Ida

Kesian nya.. what a hectic day. Aggravated by the fact that husband pulak tak de ye. My car pun always disappoint me when I am single mingle and hubby is so far away.

ps Madam, sure the blackout was due to the Lasix and not pregnancy? Hehehe.

dayang suryati said...

hahahhahah ida...

ramainya yg bg comment kat sini... heard abt u jatuh kat sch ari tu... kesian u.. but not 2 worry.. i slalu jatuh kat skolah ( u tau la i jalan laju mcm mana kan.....).. i rasa jalan kat skolah tu tak betol kot.. but stiap kali i termasuk longkang or what so ever,... i tetap maintain cool n kata i tgh pening kepala to students yg tgh pandang i... hehehehehhehe

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear TM,

No I'm pregnant..terbukti sudah..line clear.

Dear Dayang,

U time sekarang ni jgn jatuh2 ok..U ni pun satu, mak buyung pun nak jln laju2 u nak kejar apa ni?
Selamat mengharungi labour pain..hahha. I doakan u selmat semuanya.