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Monday, September 22, 2008

You gain nothing if your EGO is bigger than your head..

At last, I managed to convince my hubby to take me to White Horse for me to purchase the tiles. We made a pact, actually, he made me buy grocesseries right after work, as an exchange for my kind gesture (as I was so damn exhausted today), he promised to take me to the shop even though he was down with fever.

On the way there he did not utter a word (a sure sign he was piss), but it didn't bother me. Usually, I'll complain about him keeping his silence in my presence, as I regard that as a sign of dishonour..but just now my pride was not an issue. No..Len darling, I did not talk about the birds or anything else (the technique I learnt from your goodself) just to kill the silence. I have learnt that by suppressing one's ego, one can actually gain a lot. Men are just like babies, you give them candy and swallow your pride a little, they'll start droolling..(I hope my hubby the sensei will not read this or he'll know my tricks..hahahha). I love you, sayang..that's not a trick!

Well, I came, I saw and I conquered the tiles of my liking. The bill? Not much. Now the next move is to get the kitchens ready..I can't wait.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day painting my kids' rooms. I'm satisfied that I did it my own (well, my hubby helped a lot, actually). We are yet to complete installing the cornices, the wardrobes..hah lot of things to do.

I went to work without my heart today..I know it will remain like that till the whole ordeal of homemaking is complete. I think of it before I go to bed and the first thing in the morning. Am I sick?

To conclude, I know that I have to be very patient with people around me now, if I want to fulfill my dreams. There are times that these people tend to get on my nerves (like the guy who installed the grilles..lousy work!). I know I have to be patient, this is all about teamwork. I will try my best not to boss around especially when dealing with my hubby. I will gain nothing if my ego exceeds my womanly wits.

So I have to keep my fingers cross, let's pray that everything would be alright..but I just can't wait..hehehe.


Lyana Mauseth said...

mcm i dgn sha selalu kata..org lelaki ni actually bknnya cerdik sgt hehe..kita jek skit je, dia ok la..:)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

biasalah Lyana..tu sebab God created Eve, perhaps to be Adam's 'compass' in life.

Remember, men have two brains, the so called rational one and the other is the one with animalistic rationality (crouch driven). Normally the latter dictates their life, walau macamana intelligent dia pun. So women should just play along and see how is he gonna 'pop'.

Maleh nak pikiaq banyak sgt pasal depa ni..dulu i tend to be hypersentive, but now i think better i buat muka tebai and cekai hati..as long as i can get my goals achieved..memang cakap macam senang, but i believe it works.

I need my own space, man. In my space, I am Ida Hariati Hashim as the individual..no strings attached. But still I love Suzalie and my kids so much. I believe I'm a better person like this rather than being paranoid about my life, anticipating how else he is gonna hurt me. I always say to myself, hey, I am still living. What does not kill me makes me stronger! So be it.