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Saturday, August 23, 2008

About Friendship..

I love Latin, was reading a book on it and found this word of wisdom that reads, "amicus certus in re incerta cemitur", I think it can be translated to English as 'a true friend is discerned during an uncertain matter'. The uncertainty here means during adversaries or difficult times.

Indeed, I believe this is true. In life, one will encounter dozens of fair-weather friends. But who are these people, surely we do not know. It is not good to judge your friends-no one likes to be judged, anyway.

To look at things positively, losing a friendship that seems to have gone wrong is not a matter to lament at. At least now one knows that the relationship was not based on trust, thus not a healthy one. But it is rather unfortunate to have someone claiming to be the shoulder to cry on but later shirks from the trust given.

Sometimes you will find comfort in strangers, not friends. As it is easier to talk to someone you have no love for. Or perhaps things are better kept within? Let your woes perish with your soul as the Earth consumes your flesh as you are resting in peace in your grave. Perhaps that is the safest way, for this life is full of vultures and wolves. One dies a premature death when his pride is tarnished.

My friends, true friends..near or far. I thank thee for the your time and patience with me. Please forgive me for all the ills that I have caused. I mean no harm. I mean no harm.

P/S: My love to Lyana Mauseth for being my confidante..nothing compares to you, darling!


Anonymous said...

when you pour your heart and soul to a man... i dont think that is a friendship. Yes u can ask for a shoulder to cry on but if you are thinking of the friend every minute of the day, i dont think it's a healthy friendship.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Stranger,

Yes, I agree with you. But this comes back to how one defines friendship. Is it a crime to think about your friends, when they are already have become apart of you?

Some find solace in talking to strangers as the later is incapable of judging due to the lack of familiarity. But above all, to have someone to just listen and try not to judge is a luxury that one is seeking for.

One should pour out the contents of the heart and soul to God the Omnicient. He'll listen to you despite of all the ills you've committed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.if I was given that opportunity to know your goodself, Ida..I would be more willing to be anything you want..hehehhehe

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Stranger,

Going back to your first comment, it is interesting to note that you've mentioned about 'pouring heart and soul' and 'thinking of the friend every minute of the day' in response to my posting.

You see, I never specifically indicated the nature of my friendship nor never did I mention the sex of my friend. I wonder what has made you to come up with such conclusion?

Perhaps you are talking based on your experience, sir/ madam for you know what you termed.

If you feel that this kind of 'unhealthy' friendship is haunting you, I am all ears for you. For it is easier to confide in a stranger.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

To the stranger who is willing to be my everything..

Tq for your comment. You are so kind. But I do not want to get in trouble.