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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sexy Spanish Guitar

Warming up for my Latin dance class. Let the music lift you up.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida Hariati, I love Spanish guitars. They make beautiful sounds.
And especially hearing them being played at those Flemenco dances.

Wow! You taking up Latin dancing? Good for you.
The fastest way to lose weight, to sweat is dancing, besides swimming.
Glad you love guitar sounds. Have you heard those played by The Los Indios Tabajaras? They have a unique, haunting style.

You have a pleasant week Ida, best regards, Lee.
ps, the guitar in my pic was given to me by my wife on my 35th birthday, a Victor Garcia. Makes beautiul sounds too.

Jeffrey Matisa said...

May I introduce:

Ottmar Liebert.

madam gold said...

Hi Ida!
Wow.. you take up Latin dancing.I only know pocho pocho n a bit of line dancing.Tu pun because I was forced to learn for a special nite attended by the Permaisuri Agung.2 minggu belajar pocho pocho sampai sakit kaki.
I think you are one person not only blessed with vogue look but many talents lah.
Nice day and enjoy life k..

lenzaidi said...

I watched in close the Cuban dancers performance and concert in Bangkok years ago. The dancers were young and petite, swayed their flexible bodies to the tempo.. macam nak patah pinggang punya gelek salsa.

Hubby and I trailed another three piece band at Huahin resort, South of Thailand playing latin numbers to the late hours. Our recent latin indulgence was in 2006 in KL, the 8 piece cuban band played at Hilton.My that was what I called Music for the body and soul to move and sway by the melody

Pssttt, Ida if you hear any Cuban band performance coming to KL lemme know ya.;-))

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Hi Lee,

Yes, I love latin music. I have always wanted to attend to Latin dances lesson, now that hubby gives the green light, I say "Why not?"..hehhe

Hope to shape up la..

Have a great day ahead, Lee..you play me a song, I'll sing along as I like singing too..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Yeah, Major..Ottmar Leibert and his "Snakecharmer", but I like "Barcelona Nights" best...:)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Madam Gold,

Tq..actually we can never know what talents we have unless we try. But I am no J.Lo, though..hahhah

You took up pocho-pocho, that's great..I pandai step 2 je. I p Perlis, rata-rata rakyat Perlis terror pocho-pocho, tgk depa dance best giler..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


U are into this kind a things too? I wonder who else in our school would indulge themselves with this kinda extra. Where got time, they would say, baik dok umah marking buku...hahhah.

My last lesson in school today..hmm..

DrSam said...

You surely got many talents madam!

Good luck with you Latin dance class.

lenzaidi said...

I have many not so good words for that lady once Kalai started to brak brak...

But to you Duhlin, i wouldnt want to say goodbye.There is no goodbye.You hold on there lady until our next... The scent of a woman and the FB!

Happy leaving the school ;-))